What are the lasting consequences of all this madness?

Trump Winds and Biden Whirlwinds. Victor Davis Hanson – “The Left is well on its way to incurring a massive pushback, with the potential to make the Tea Party boomerang seem like small stuff.”

“The historian notes that in the inevitable yin and yang of politics, the destroyers inevitably will seek, but do so in vain, refuge in what they have destroyed. Between 2017 and 2021 the Left has done exactly that.

What are the lasting consequences of all this madness?

Scapegoats, Boogeymen, and Hobgoblins. Victor Davis Hanson – “The Biden Administration, the bureaucracy, military, media, academia, Silicon Valley, and corporate boardrooms across America don’t know how to explain, much less solve, our mounting crises.”

CBS News Blames Trump, Not Communism, For Cuba’s Broken Economy. Jordan Davidson – “Sympathetic responses from corporate outlets like CBS, paired with the White House’s failure to harshly condemn the communist regime, received backlash from fed-up U.S. legislators.”

Democrats Start to Panic After They Realize They’ve Screwed up in Florida. Bonchie – “Protests in Cuba against the communist regime and the decades of oppression it has produced have provided a test of will in Florida. While Republicans, both in the state and nationally, are always outspoken against the Cuban government and understand the reasons the people there are fed up, Democrats have attempted to straddle a line that can’t be straddled.”

Never forget the US left’s disgusting love affair with the Castro regime. Rich Lowry – “The rationalizations offered for the regime are tinny and misleading. We are supposed to believe that Cuba was sunk in medieval illiteracy until enlightened Communists came to power who cared above all about social progress and just happened to jail, torture, and kill lots of people in the course of teaching kids to read.”

So Much Evidence that January 6, 2021 was a Calculated Set-Up. Steve McCann – “Political persecution and isolation of vast swaths of the citizenry by the Justice Department, the Intelligence Community, and the Judiciary in the wake of the January 6, 2021, Capitol incursion should bring a chill down the spine of every American.”

The Loudest Voices Crying ‘Racism’ Are Always Some Of The Most Famous, Well-Paid Black Americans. Eddie Scarry – “Isn’t it weird how the loudest voices assuring America we’re all incurably racist tend to do so from very comfortable, financially secure perches?”

The rights and wrongs of Nikole Hannah-Jones. Dominic Green – “The liberal arts are neither liberal nor artistic in our universities. They are illiberal and imaginatively barren”

“If you hate the culture wars, blame liberals” Newmark’s Door – “At least a few Liberals are getting some self-awareness.”

Texas Gov To Arrest Dem Lawmakers Who Fled State On Private Jet To Block Voting Rights Bill. Tyler Durden – “So they’ve boarded a comfy chartered flight, sans masks and with weak non-Texas beer, to belch too much carbon into the skies and skedaddle away north. Typical.” There will be consequences from many different directions.

BREAKING: VoterGA Releases Explosive New Report: Fulton County Georgia Recount Included 60% Error Reporting Rate — THOUSANDS of Fraudulent Biden Votes. Jim Hoft – “New Evidence Reveals GA Audit Fraud and Massive Errors”

Definite sign of panic: Pennsylvania acting Secretary of State issues illegal orders to obstruct audit of 2020 election. Thomas Lifson – “An unelected statewide official, the acting Secretary of State, acted quickly, even before Biden’s trip was announced, to illegally obstruct the audit by commanding local officials to deny access to evidence.”

The Illusion of Action: Cuomo’s New Gun Manufacturer Liability Law is a Colossal Misfire. J Turley – “If it sounds familiar that is because it is painfully familiar. It has failed repeatedly in various states, including New York.” … “Politicians have “action bias” because they know the public favors leaders of action and rarely blame them when their actions prove to be costly failures.”

Bitcoin, or Bitter Con? James Soriano – “Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan and other books on risk and probability is Bitcoin’s nemesis. A one-time supporter of the cryptocurrency he now calls it a “Ponzi scheme.” Taleb recently posted an analytical take-down of Bitcoin using concepts from quantitative finance. He hits hard.”

The Truth About Heat Waves. Jim Steele – “For those who truly want to be guided by science, put aside the climate crisis hysteria. We can explain the natural dynamics of all heat waves by simply knowing 1) how heat is transported along the earth’s surface; 2) how heat is transported vertically; 3) how solar heating changes; and 4) how the greenhouse effect varies.”

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