a false cloak of objectivity

The Genesis of Our American Collective Meltdown. Victor Davis Hanson – “Our adversaries can’t quite believe their good fortune. Had they thought up ways to divide and impoverish America, they could not have improved on our own collective meltdown.”

Dems’ crime surge – here’s the reason safety and policing finally have their attention. Michael Goodwin – “Press secretary Jen Psaki was making like Lady Macbeth in trying to wipe the blood off Dems’ hands” … “The previous strategy, meaning before Monday, was a mix of denial and excuse-making, but it wasn’t working. … Something had to give, and White House press secretary Jen Psaki tipped the new strategy when she concocted the notion that it’s Republicans who actually support defunding the police.” … “In truth, the problem with cities isn’t guns, racism or climate change. The problem is the policies of left-wing Democrats – and the people who elect them.”

Misinformation and the Jan. 6 insurrection: When ‘patriot warriors’ were fed lies. Bill McCarthy – [This is an example of what the search for intellectual integrity is up against. The evidence isn’t that the patriot warriors were fed lies but that McCarthy and the Left were feeding self delusion by making bald assertions as Truth that contradict the facts on the ground. Such expressions of ideologic Truth can be seen in this bit of Fake News from the AP. It is a lesson in the propaganda being used to mislead the populace and defend the indefensible.]

Applying the same principles to both sides. Neo – “I detest those members of the MSM who are partisan to the core but don a false cloak of objectivity without ever demonstrating it. And that’s why I especially value those writers and speakers who actually do stick to their principles no matter where it leads them.”

Justice or Just Deserts? Trump, Cosby and Georgia Cases Show Rising Cost of Political Litigation. J. Turley – “It is the name on the caption — not the name of the crime — that matters in a prosecutorial trophy kill.” … “DA Steele is unapologetic and insists he was trying to show that “no one is above the law — including those who are rich, famous and powerful.” What he missed is that the rule of law should particularly apply to prosecutors who enforce it” … “The legal cost of this ill-considered move could be immense.” … “Politically motivated cases like these impose costs that are rarely paid by those who bring them. The more a prosecutor feels it necessary to repeat that “It’s not about politics,” the more likely a case is entirely political.” [and there are so many of these cases right now, too]

When Climateers Let the Truth Slip Out. Tony Thomas – “One of the anti-science techniques used by climate catastrophists such as the green-Left Australian Academy of Science, the ABC and the Climate Council is to suppress information about the benefits of actual and future hypothesised global warming.”


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