Reality is bubbling out from under the rug

Raucous overflow rally crowd greets Trump in Ohio as he looks great and savages Biden’s record. Andrea Widburg – “Technically speaking, Donald Trump is a loser. After all, it’s Biden who’s occupying the Oval Office. But let’s not get entangled in technicalities. Forty-one percent of Americans believe that Trump actually won the election and that Biden’s ascension was the result of fraud, with over half of Republicans holding that belief. And as Biden has managed, remarkably swiftly, to destroy the border, the economy, the military, education, and more, worried patriots are redoubling their support for Trump.” … “What’s apparent is that Trump wants to see America and Americans win. And if his Ohio rally is an indication, that’s what Americans still want too.”

Here’s what New York’s AG and Manhattan’s DA seem to have come up with so far… neo – “The left will not be giving up their Ahab-like pursuit of that great orange whale, Donald Trump, any time soon.”

Politics by other means? Giuliani suspension should worry all lawyers. Jonathan Turley – “the fluid standard applied in Giuliani’s case raises serious concerns over how and when such suspensions will be imposed against lawyers in public controversies. Indeed, the Giuliani standard would seem to implicate a wide array of attorneys who straddle the line of legal and political advocacy. … The 33-page opinion is damning and embarrassing” – Turley shows his bias in failing to note blatant false allegations in the suspension and in following the‘establishment of a case’ narrative.

“The New York court brushes over the free speech implications of its ruling with a conclusory statement that Giuliani knowingly misrepresented facts, even though it did not afford him a hearing on that or other questions.

It is not enough to declare “Don’t be like Giuliani.” What is missing in this opinion is a clear standard for when the failure to establish a case — as Giuliani failed to do with his election fraud claims — is a disbarring offense.

The concern in this case is that we are seeing a weaponization of bar investigations after a wide (and well-funded) campaign to harass Republican lawyers, their firms and their clients after the 2020 election. And it has worked

A.U.D.I.T. of Elections: Is the Dam Breaking? Stu Cvrk – “Election-related revelations continue apace, and suspicions about what actually transpired last November continue to grow” … “Democrats continue to fiddle while Rome burns, ignoring the mounting evidence of election fraud perpetrated by their own operatives.”

How Economist Thomas Sowell’s Warning About Combating Racial Disparities Came True. Jason Riley – “It is awkward to stand on the sidelines and criticize people who are suffering for their ideals, and yet the question must be asked, ‘What is this going to do?’

Sarah Hoyt at Instapundit – “What became very clear to me is that whenever civilized (in this case defined as post-tribal) humans collide with tribal humans, tribal humans lose. They use the techniques that work in between tribes, imagining that their adversaries are also a tribe”

Happy Birthday, Global Warming: Climate Change At 33. Rupert Darwell [] – “The tendency to catastrophism was present at the outset of global warming. … Although catastrophism gave climate change emotive power, the most consistent feature of climate change is the failure of predictions of catastrophe to materialize.”

“The most important features of the 1992 climate convention are its ground plan, carving the world in two, with the developed North listed in Annex I, and the doctrine of “common but differentiated responsibilities” (the first principle listed in the convention and arguably its governing one).

Nuclear power is a Promethean crime of humanity stealing the deepest secrets of nature to release unlimited quantities of energy, in the eyes of environmentalists—a crime far worse than global warming.

The growth of wind and solar generation is not a market-driven phenomenon of a superior technology displacing an obsolete one. It’s what happens when governments heavily subsidize zero-marginal cost output, flooding wholesale markets with unwanted electricity when there’s too much sun and wind and risking power failures when there’s too little.

So far, the grip of environmentalism on Western policymakers lulls them into the belief that global warming operates in a strategic vacuum, insulated from the factors that constitute geopolitical weight and ambition. It is in that sense that climate change constitutes an existential threat to the West.

Ivermectin: Can a Drug Be “Right-Wing”? Matt Taibbi via [TK News] – “Hospitals fought hard, hiring expensive law firms, at times going to extraordinary lengths to refuse treatment even with dying patients who’d exhausted all other options.” … “The drug has become a test case for a controversy that’s long been building in health care, about how much input patients should have in their own treatment.”

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