Passing a law is insufficient. hyperbolic to the point of dishonest doesn’t help

What If the Media Had Told the Truth? Five MSM Lies for Which Trump Has Been Vindicated, and the Damage They Caused. PF Whalen – “While the media may have been successful in sustaining political damage against Trump, the Republican Party, and the conservative movement – which was their ultimate goal, no doubt – they also caused significant collateral damage, either unwittingly or uncaringly.”

An Explanation of Tactics to Fundamentally Transform America. Janet Levy – “Howse’s documentary contemporizes Bezmenov’s warning. It sets out the twelve-step process of brainwashing aimed at effecting a Marxist revolution in America and illustrates it using events from the coronavirus pandemic.”

“America is now at a point where its free-market system, constitutional republic, Judeo-Christian values, and national sovereignty are seriously threatened. The techniques of disinformation, brainwashing, and indoctrination, contrived to make citizens willingly submit to authoritarian control, are the precursors to the collapse of America from within.
Being born free is a privilege our forefathers fought for and won. Now, more than ever, it must become our eternal battle to remain free.

The Devastating Reality of the Arizona Forensic Audit. Bernard Kerik – “The Arizona audit is being run impeccably, utilizing security and surveillance procedures with a longstanding track record of effectiveness.” … “They’re not trying to reinvent the wheel; they’re using the same methods casinos have used for decades to catch cheaters.” … “Now that I’ve seen the process for myself, I finally understand why it has the Democrats so hot and bothered.”

NOW WE HAVE PROOF: FBI and DHS Attempted to Recruit Green Beret to Infiltrate Oath Keepers Before Jan. 6 Riot — AND HE RECORDED IT. Jim Hoft – “On Tuesday Revolver News published an important piece on the “unindicted co-conspirators” in the Jan. 6 attack who were never charged by the DOJ or FBI for their part in the violence on Jan. 6.”

Democrats are waging war on conservatives, and January 6 is their chief weapon. Andrea Widburg – “There is something you need to know because it is of overwhelming importance to America’s survival as a constitutional democratic republic: the Biden administration is moving inexorably to making it a crime to oppose Biden and the Democrat party’s policies.” … “federal charging documents against many of those being held for trespassing in Congress reveal that some of the people most active in planning January 6 and encouraging others to act were FBI agents or informants. In other words, it was a set-up.”

“on Tuesday, The Revolver published the results of its review of the charging documents the FBI wrote to justify the hundreds of arrests it carried out following January 6. As you think about these charges, keep in mind, again, that the only serious physical injury occurred when a Capitol police officer shot Ashli Babbitt in cold blood, that we know that the police invited people into the Capitol, and that the Biden administration has refused to prosecute Antifa and BLM activists who grievously destroyed federal property and waged violent war against federal law enforcement:

Banning Critical Race Theory Is A Good Step, But It Doesn’t Go Far Enough. Shannon Whitworth – “The pathology sweeping the United States has already gained a substantial foothold — one that won’t be repulsed by simply creating a law to ban it.”

GMO Prohibition: Many Farmers Want GE Crops So Badly, They’ll Grow Them Illegally. Cameron English – “Breaking the law should always be frowned upon, of course, but these rebellious growers are powerful witnesses to the fact that opposition to crop biotechnology is almost always political—literally, it’s politicians and lobbyists who keep the restrictions in place. Scientific evidence and the interests of farmers are rarely the motivating factors in these cases. Let’s look at a few examples.”

Roger Pielke Jr. Weighs in on This Week’s Hysteria: Drought – charts and graphs to provide perspective.


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