Spewing fog at efforts to clear the air

Who Let Capitol Protesters Into the Building on January 6? Julie Kelly – “By contradicting the groupthink on January 6, Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) is taking fire from the usual suspects while most of his Senate colleagues remain silent.”

“Judge Amit Mehta thinks no one let protesters into the Capitol building on January 6. … Mehta, of course, is flat wrong. Videos taken by people at the Capitol not only show some U.S. Capitol Police officers ushering protesters toward the building and allowing them to enter but, as American Greatness exclusively reported last month, USCP officers also cautioned several protesters how they should behave.”

In Mehta’s defense, he only has access to cherry-picked video evidence provided by the Justice Department, which is keeping more than 14,000 hours of surveillance footage captured by the USCP security system under seal by insisting the recordings are “highly sensitive” government material. Judges, defense attorneys, and Capitol defendants are at the mercy of whatever damning clips federal prosecutors produce for any given case.

A select group of lawmakers, however, is authorized to view the raw footage

The Tradition of Lamentable Attorneys General Worsens. Roger L. Simon – “What is it about the office of Attorney General of the United States that makes otherwise intelligent occupants of that position behave in unsettling, or worse, manners? … For some years our AG’s have been an instrument of political bias and/or political blunders in a country that supposedly prides itself on the “rule of law.”

Georgia To Investigate After Fulton County Official Says Election Forms Are ‘Missing’. Zachary Stieber [Epoch Times] – “Georgia’s secretary of state said Monday that his office will probe Fulton County after an election official there said forms verifying the chain of custody for some mail-in ballots went missing.”

The Enduring False Narrative About the PULSE Massacre Shows the Power of Media Propaganda. Glenn Greenwald – “Politicians and activists should stop ratifying the fiction that Omar Mateen was motivated by anti-LGBT hatred. It dishonors the victims and obscures the real motive. … The evidence is definitive and conclusive that this is false”

“No matter how noble the intent, journalism — and activism — becomes corrupted if it knowingly supports falsehoods. That the PULSE massacre was an act of anti-LGBT hatred is a fiction. Unless you are a neocon, there is no such thing as a “noble lie.” It is way past time for politicians and activist groups to stop disseminating this one.

A Short History Of The American Medical Association’s Descent Into Leftist Hackery. Julio Gonzalez – “The medical field needs an organization that will advocate for improved physician practices and healthcare delivery, not vogue and misguided social causes.” … “Once again, the AMA put its political standing above the authorization of its members. It has become a leftist organization that repeatedly rejects the desires of its members in pursuit of its own self-serving, protective agenda.”

Two Resignations From Major Medical Journal After Staffers Question ‘Systemic Racism’. Eric Lendrum

New Book Claims Texas Heroes Were Cowardly Fools Fighting for Slavery. It’s Wrong. Very Wrong. Bryan Preston – “It’s beneath contempt. … Where is the independent inquiry? Where are the reporters who have covered the Alamo for years, who know that Forget the Alamo is false? … They say you tend to believe the news until it reports on something you know well. Then…you don’t anymore.”

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