Control techniques

COVID, Learned Helplessness, And Control. Tyler Durden [Via] – “In the post-vaccination era, why don’t people remove their masks? Learned helplessness, employed as a control tool.”

“Within moments of COVID’s arrival in the national conscience, officials like California’s Gavin Newsom, and New York’s power bottom twins Andrew Cuomo and Bill De Blasio raced to assume dictatorial emergency powers. …

They were aided in manufacturing learned helplessness by the most sophisticated propaganda operation ever created. Already engorged with the coin of three years of fake news, the legacy media saw the value of a new crisis toward their two real goals: make as much money as possible garnering clicks, and defeating Donald Trump.
Americans are not comfortable accepting their lives being manipulated at this level, the way for example many Russians assume it to be so.
We no longer need to ask what is happening. The real question is always why.

The bizarre British connection behind America’s biggest hoaxes. Andrea Widburg – “It’s becoming increasingly clear that America’s bureaucracies engaged in a cover-up about COVID’s origins. What’s also become clear is the fact that one of the main players in the entire COVID scandal is a British man, Peter Daszak. And I realized something when I thought about Daszak’s involvement: Beginning more than 20 years ago, the British have taken lead roles in three leftist lies that have been used to remake America: Climate change, the Russia hoax and, now, COVID’s development and its subsequent cover-up.”

HOT TAKES: The Left Takes out Its Hatred for the Second Amendment on Judge Benitez. Becca Lower – “This is about more than just one ruling in California and one judge. My colleague Nick Arama wrote about the Senate hearing just over a week ago, in which Texas Sen. Ted Cruz got Biden ATF nominee David Chipman to admit what the Left tries to keep hidden in plain sight: they want to take our guns — no doubt about it.”

Why was Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘even bigger deal’ offer to Fauci redacted from the FOIA emails just released? Thomas Lifson – “All of these redactions are done under code (b) (6), which, according to the Department of Justice, are allowed to prevent “Unwarranted invasions of personal privacy.” – Given the fact that the offer was shared with multiple federal bureaucrats, up to and including those in the White House, how personal and pruvate could the “even bigger deal” offer be?”

Facebook Bans Trump For Two Years. John Hinderaker – “Facebook’s suspension was based on two posts that President Trump did on January 6. Both called for peace.” … “The debate over election integrity continues, but the idea that claims of voter fraud are “unfounded” is ridiculous.” … “So Facebook’s treatment of President Trump needs to be seen in the context of a great deal of corruption and of enormous economic interests that, to your detriment, will be protected by the “Biden administration.”

Huge rally in Michigan for the most unexpected cause. Bill Weckesser – “Methinks the giant has been roused. These are the folks who make the country run — from business owners to workers to retirees, men, women, a vast cross-section of Americans who’ve never before been active in politics. No wonder the leadership of both parties is scared. Who could have imagined such a rally? What political leader would dare invite thousands to pay $20 per person to meet outdoors on a hot June Saturday, at an out-of-the-way location, hundreds of miles from a major city to rally for an audit of an election? – And yet they came.”

Donald Trump: The Great American. Ted Noel – “Congress gives us clear contrasts. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell and many others are small characters with outsized power. They all operate for personal benefit rather than serving America.” … “Love him, or hate him, Donald Trump is a great man. He spent his fortune to run, and once elected, he devoted his energies to serving us. Yes, he is a deeply flawed man. But he is a servant, and that is the essence of greatness.”

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