Bulveristic. Riveted on the backs of the American people.

Guilt for January 6 Belongs With Those Most Eager to Condemn It. Conrad Black — “George Will, Peggy Noonan, and other estimable friends bear a heavy responsibility in the disaster that has now been riveted on the backs of the American people and the world.” … “Those who generally approved of Trump’s policies but couldn’t bear him now have to wear the odium of having helped elect Biden, as well as the cold terror that Trump will be back.” … “Smashing hijacked civilian airliners into large and famous buildings is a more egregious and sanguinary act of war than was the attack on Pearl Harbor—or the events of January 6.”


COVID and the lab leak theory: the correction of the correction of the correction of the… neo — “The MSM is regularly mendacious in a way that’s sly enough that if you’re not reading carefully you might miss it. That’s the goal, of course – to make readers miss it – and it’s been remarkably successful so far.”

Fauci Emails Show NIH/NIAID Director Had No Checks or Balances on His Power Grab Over Our Nation, Fueled By Media Worship and Idolatry. Sundance — “The man making decisions that would disrupt and perhaps destroy the lives of every single American tells the scientist sounding the alarm about China his explanation is too long to read.”

How The Media’s COVID Lies Weaken America. Christopher Bedford — “What happens when the next big disease rolls around? And what if it’s one that’s actually as deadly as people thought COVID might be? Who can people trust?” … “It was darkly funny at first how neither corporate media nor their Democrat friends could agree with a single thing President Donald Trump said, no matter how plausible — or even obvious — it was.”

“In the eyes of our reporting class, every single thing President Trump said — or did — had to be wrong. It started out entertaining and predictable, but could also be troubling, depressing, and enraging, as when reporters played blind to murderous race riots, claiming they were entirely peaceful, or when they refused to admit that the border is a human-smuggling and human-victimizing operation entirely run by foreign criminal cartels. That kind of reporting hurts people badly, and does no service to the causes these reporters hope to champion.

But when COVID-19 came to our shores, their obsession with taking the opposite side of President Donald Trump became very dangerous to our entire country — and is the final crack in their long-fracturing and now-collapsed role as a check on good governance.

If You Don’t Think Mask Rules Threaten Freedom, Watch This Grandma Arrested For Not Masking. Max Ledoux — “’When you say, ‘Just wear the mask,’ you clearly have no understanding of early childhood development,’ Kate Bossi told CBS Boston after her arrest.”

When Will Elites in Democrat Cities Finally Put Down The Mask? Gabe Kaminsky — “To those residing in metropolitan riot-torn areas, a plastic blue covering with earloops has cemented itself as a symbol of political virtue.” … “Now, look at scientific data. Are they sane?” … “the left is discontent and cannot let go of the pandemic. They crave it.” … “the woke pandemic mob is only pledging allegiance to foolish symbolic representation. It shows clear mental disorder.”

Keep the Cash, Give Us Answers. Roger Franklin — “plunged into a state of livid distraction by the clown-show stars of Victoria’s ongoing COVID circus. They’ve been lying again, doling out the whoppers and ‘look, over there!’ distractions all week”

Stop Waving Away Critical Race Theory Critiques With Claims They’re Solely Based On Fear. Casey Chalk — “The arguments made by conservatives skeptical of critical race theory need to be addressed and met on their actual merits.”

“The Washington Post’s Christine Emba claims conservative opposition to critical race theory has less to do with intellectual concerns and more to do with emotivism and fear. She accuses conservatives of “disguising” their “discomfort with racial reconsideration as an intellectual critique,” asserting conservative skepticism of critical race theory reflects a “psychological defense, not a rational one.” The irony, however, is that Emba’s argument relies on a textbook logical fallacy.

That fallacy is the ad hominem, and more specifically “bulverism,” a term coined by C.S. Lewis. … it’s a speculative examination of the psychological condition of one’s intellectual sparring partner, rather than a rational consideration of his or her actual position.

Five Ways Ayn Rand’s 1957 Novel Predicted Our Present Condition. Adam Mill — “Rand’s vision had flaws. But history has vindicated her dire warnings about politicized corporate-government partnerships oppressing freedom.” … “Central planning of an economy always leads to corruption, inefficiency, and oppression. The historical examples are abundant and consistent”

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