not mad, but simply “done with it”?

Our Garbage Media Strikes Again. Steven Hayward — “CBS News is out today with a story about those cruel, heartless Republican governors who are cutting off the supplemental unemployment benefits … This story follows a familiar template: find some sympathetic individual who is adversely effected by the decision”

For The Children, Times Style. Scott Johnson — “It’s a one-sided article that obscured whether Hamas was an information source, which deaths were caused by ‘friendly fire,’ and why Israel used force at all.”

Bowser’s DC Metro Police, Not Trump, Deployed Tear Gas Against Rioters Near White House Last June. Margot Cleveland — “a lawsuit brought by Black Lives Matter and individual demonstrators.” They were after Trump but the MPD was their real problem.

“The MPD’s admission explains the divide between on-the-ground reporting of the use of tear gas and denials by the federal government of the use of tear gas to clear Lafayette Park: The evidence to date supports the federal government’s claims that it did not deploy CS tear gas on June 1, 2021, and that CS tear gas was not used to clear Lafayette Park. Traditionally, the media have delineated between pepper spray, regularly carried by civilians, often women, to protect themselves from potential predators. and tear gas, although some claim that pepper spray is tear gas.

Questions remain, however, concerning why it took a year for the district to reveal its use of tear gas, especially in light of the conflicting reporting, and the attempts to hold the Trump administration responsible for the decision.

Trump Taps Newt Gingrich to Come Up With a New Spin on an Old Idea That Worked. Stacey Lennox — “the author of the Contract with America, a document that gave congressional Republicans and candidates the message discipline to make their case to the American people.”

Optimism, Inc.: The Exhilaration of Being Ostracized. Victor Davis Hanson — “has at least one of the following things happened to you?” …

Redefining The Core Mission Of Public Health. Susan Goldhaber — “A recent survey found that fewer than 40% of Americans trust their federal public health agencies. Could “mission creep” into issues such as climate change, gun violence, and racism rather than a focus on traditional public health issues be a cause? Did mission creep impact our response to the COVID-19 pandemic?”

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