psy-ops triumphant?

The AP writes what it calls “news” about the election audits. neo — “Nothing will stop the press from continuing to do this sort of thing, because it’s been so enormously productive for them in terms of political results.”

One year after the death of George Floyd, the psy-ops have triumphed. Peter Barry Chowka — “Right in front of the White House, family members and their attorney had their clenched fists raised and pumping in the air in a radical black power salute reminiscent of the Marxist Black Panthers of the late 1960s.”

“The Black Marxist radicals and their handlers, the oligarchs of Big Tech, the George Soros’s, the Democrats, Obama, et al are now pushing all the way to final victory. They see the destination of their 100-year Long March finally in sight – and they’re not going to stop now.

You couldn’t have designed two more effective PsyOps to transform the country virtually overnight – one right after the other.

The proof is in the reality today. I advise skeptics to look around. Do you even recognize the country anymore? Ultimately, both of these PsyOps not only transformed America – they effectively took out the only thing standing in the way of the Marxist Left that might have prevented or delayed their total victory: President Donald J Trump.

Dr Frankenstein, MD. Richard Fernandez — “One analyst, writing on Twitter suggested that even if suspicions the coronavirus pandemic originated in a lab should prove well-founded, that little would come of it because regional reactions had already taken it into account. The world would move on as before in other words. – But this is unlikely for several reasons”

The New York Times’ Bone-Headed Guidelines on COVID ‘Mitigation’. Ted Noel — “Prior to the passage of the CARES Act, a case meant that someone was ill with characteristic signs and symptoms. A test might be done to confirm a diagnosis by distinguishing among multiple possible causes of those signs and symptoms. After COVID bonuses to hospitals became law, this proper definition of a case was discarded in order to get as much money from Uncle Sugar as possible.”

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