It’s not just the asininity, it’s the pettiness, too

Nevada Democrats Push To Make ‘Emergency’ 2020 Election Changes Permanent. Tristan Justice — “Nevada Democrats are ramming through legislation to make last year’s chaotic “emergency” voting procedures permanent.” … “Former Nevada Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchison said the potential changes threaten to undermine already battered faith in the state’s elections”

AUDIT of Elections Update: A Week’s Worth of Bombshells. Stu Cvrk — “Reports of election irregularities and audits and agitated Democrats and their lickspittle media are breaking out all over.” – Arizona – Georgia – Michigan – Nevada – New Hampshire – Pennsylvania –

“Nevada sneaked into the election integrity news with this excellent summary report of post-election goings-on between the Nevada state GOP and Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske (R) who has consistently claimed that, despite 8 binders of evidence and 122,918 Election Violation Reports, there is no widespread evidence of fraud during the 2020 election. The Nevada Republican Party censured her back in April

Republicans Keep Making Completely Unforced Errors So The Media Will Like Them. Christopher Bedford — “Leadership isn’t imposed from speeches by people who had power and failed to exercise it prudently, and no one wants to hear from Paul Ryan.” … “it’s past time to stop playing games. With our children, our military, and our freedom on the line, serious leaders must play for keeps.”

The Media Aggressively ‘Others’ Trump Voters. David Catron — “Tens of millions have been declared unfit to participate in the democratic process.” … “While the Democrats continue to pursue an endless lawfare campaign against former President Trump, their confederates in the corporate media are calling for the excommunication of Republicans from American politics.”

“In Georgia, GOP Rep. Jody Hice (GA-10) will run for secretary of state against incumbent Brad Raffensperger. In Nevada, former GOP Assemblyman Jim Marchant will run for secretary of state against incumbent Barbara Cegavske. In Arizona, State Rep. Mark Finchem (AZ-11) will run for secretary of state against Democrat Katie Hobbs if she runs for reelection. In Michigan, Kristina Karamo, who vociferously challenged last year’s presidential results in the Wolverine State, will run for secretary of state against controversial Democratic incumbent Jocelyn Benson.

None of the challenged incumbents can credibly claim to be competent or even honest. So their GOP challengers must be misrepresented as somehow dangerous. … As to Trump voters, they must be written off as delusional members of a personality cult composed of racist, homophobic, sexists with an inclination toward violence. They must be “othered” and banished from the public square.

More On The Roberts’ Strategy–If That’s What It Is. Mark Wauck — “I make the argument that it wasn’t the SCOTUS’ responsibility to save the GOP. Because let’s face it–Trump did what he could to win reelection. The election was sabotaged not just by the Dems but by the GOP. We’ve seen that in state after state, during the post election squabbling. We’re at the point now that the GOPers who sabotaged Trump–governors, legislators, AGs, SecStates–are now scrambling to fix their standing with the voters. Because they now realize that their strategy failed. They thought voters would be duped by the fraud, and accept a false loss by Trump. Instead, voters realize that the fix was in.”

You Won’t Believe How Activists Pushed Loudoun County Schools Into Critical Race Theory. Ian Prior — “Documents show activists forced Loudoun County Public Schools into a critical race theory rabbit hole because they used a critical race theory exercise about the Underground Railroad.” … “The story of how this all happened seems relatively straightforward, but it is in fact a complicated story of gaslighting, big money contracts, and unfairly throwing teachers under the bus.”

How Telling The Truth On Campus Gets You Persecuted. Casey Chalk — “Canadian free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd’s book, ‘Diversity & Exclusion: Confronting the Campus Free Speech Crisis,’ tells the Orwellian story of how colleges abandoned teaching truth in favor of conformity.” … “It’s not just the asininity of the academy, but its pettiness.”

“State governments, which possess the power to influence public academic institutions, need to take more interest in what is happening in state universities and apply the necessary pressure to stop these worrying trends, which evince not only an intellectual suicide but a socio-cultural one. Our leaders must demonstrate the courage to curb what is killing us. What we need are politicians who demonstrate the kind of courage displayed by Lindsay Shepherd.

On Covid, A “Strange New Respect” For Tom Cotton, But Not Enough. Paul Mirengoff — “Kessler’s timeline shows that the leak theory was always credible. What’s changed is that the theory now can be deemed very likely true.” … “Keep these damning excerpts in mind the next time someone tries to settle an argument by insisting that we “follow the science.” Or by citing the World Health Organization.”

Facebook: People Will Now Be Allowed To Discuss Whether Covid-19 Originated In Wuhan Lab. Jonathan Turley — “There was a time when such a headline would only appear on The Onion, but it is true.” … “This censorship craze is not just limited to the lab story or to Facebook.”

“In all of these exchanges, the underlying portrayal of the public is the same: they are unwitting dupes who must be protected from harmful thoughts or influences. It is safer for them to have these members and these companies determine what they can hear or discuss.

It is a familiar pattern as speech controls become insatiable and expansive. We would never tolerate a company like Verizon intervening in telephone conversations to correct or cut off arguments. However, Facebook now regularly censors views and is running a glitzy television campaign to get people to love the company for its paternalistic limits on what they can see and discuss.

The Case for Mandatory Masking Gets Obliterated by a New Study. Bonchie — “The game that has been played up to this point in regards to “studies” surrounding mask-wearing has been to cherry-pick data” … “masking has become a religious cult for many on the left” … “What the government has done in regards to masking should serve as a warning that everything is politicized and that no one, not even a life-long bureaucrat, should be trusted to follow the facts wherever they lead.”

What Homelessness And Climate Change Have In Common. Steven Hayward — “Never mind the science; go ahead and concede catastrophe—in fact, the worse the climate problem, the more frivolous and corrupt the whole climate/green energy racket becomes. Just like the homelessness problem. The only real “compassion” is for the bank accounts of the elite “caring” class.”

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