No obstruction by Barr, just by the media. Will it last?

Will the 2020 Madness Last? Victor Davis Hanson — “As Americans sober up, will they reject the frenzy that took the country over the cliff during the most unhinged year in American history?” … “But Americans will wonder whether what Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the hard Left wrought last year will last when the nation is no longer gripped by 2020 madness.”

On Election Fraud, The Media Are Repeating Their Wuhan Lab Fiasco. I & I Editorial Board — “This revelation of media malpractice, by the way, comes shortly after the press got caught peddling a bogus story that Russia was paying bounties to Taliban who killed U.S. soldiers, and widespread reporting that Capitol Building “rioters” killed Officer Brian Sicknick during the melee.” … “as with the lab leak story, the narrative being peddled by the press just happens to fit into their political bias.”

Newly Released OLC Memo Shows Staff Lawyers Found No Basis For Obstruction Charges In Mueller Report, Jonathan Turley — “Critics had sought the memo as the “smoking gun” to show how former Attorney General Bill Barr scuttled any obstruction charges against Donald Trump. Instead, the memo showed the opposite.”

An Excellent Diagram on Mask Function. Kevin Roche — “If you want to understand why masks may not work to slow transmission, look at this diagram.”

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