multimillionaire quarter-educated narcissists

Feet-of-Clay Icons. Victor Davis Hanson — “Our most important and cherished institutions—the military, science, and the law—are losing the trust of Middle America.” … “Americans mostly have given up on familiar institutions for entertainment, guidance, or reassurance. What now do Hollywood, network news, the media in general, Silicon Valley, the NBA, NFL, MLB, or higher education all have in common? … A propensity to lecture Americans on their moral inferiorities, a general ethical decline in their own disciplines, and a strange obsession to acquire great wealth while living in contrast to what they advocate for others.”

In May 2020, Rioters Rained Hell On Our Cities. One Year Later We Ask: For What? Kylee Zempel — “Never forget the destruction of Black Lives Matter rioters last summer. On this one-year anniversary of the Floyd riots, reflect on how much progress they’ve made: none.” … “These violent displays were supposedly necessary and effective.”

Exactly How Corporate Media Launders Opinion To Attack Inconvenient People And Facts. Christopher Bedford — “It’s rare to catch the media machine so red-handed, but don’t worry about them, either — they’re already rewriting the history.”

Don’t Let The Media Get Away With U-Turning On The Lab Leak Theory. Stephen L. Miller [via] — “The theory that COVID-19 originated in a Chinese laboratory has completed its year-long trudge — from fringe nutjob idea to mainstream and expert-approved opinion.” … “What’s more interesting is that minds are now shifting on the lab leak theory, without all that much significant new evidence.” … “Our corporate media is going to stuff this down the memory hole and make their previous statements and stances disappear.”

Welcome To Joe Biden’s Police State. I & I Editorial Board — “Of course, the Biden folks deny that there’s any such attempt to silence political opponents.”

“All of this reminds us of the breathless claims about how President Donald Trump was supposedly trying to create a police state, with headlines such as “Donald Trump’s coming police state,” “Donald Trump’s Talk to Police Officers Was Police-State Authoritarianism Distilled to Its Essence,” and “In Trump’s Budget, You Can See a Country That Looks Like a Police State.” Like almost every other horror story peddled during the Trump years, these fears were completely unfounded.

Yet none of these Trump alarmists is raising a peep about actual police state antics being carried out by the Biden administration.

Maricopa County Forensic Auditor Notes Media and County Officials Intentionally Misleading Public About Deleted Vote Result Databases. Sundance — “It was only because of his extensive experience in the data forensics field that he was able to recover the deleted files; which is exactly what he said at the Arizona State Senate hearing on May 19th.”

Time to Confront the U.S. Capitol Police About Its January 6 Lies. Julie Kelly — “House Republicans unanimously voted against Pelosi’s $60 million payback to the USCP. GOP senators should do the same.”

“Rather than act as a politically neutral law enforcement agency tasked with protecting government grounds and public officials on behalf of the federal taxpayers they serve, the USCP has contributed to the fabulism about January 6 while covering up other aspects to help Democrats and Joe Biden’s Justice Department keep the “insurrection” narrative alive. There’s no question many Capitol Police officers acted heroically in the face of several protesters bent on violence that day, however, USCP brass have helped Democrats define the January 6 groupthink from the start.

Not only did USCP initiate the lie that Sicknick was killed in the line of duty, the agency continued to perpetuate the falsehood for months.

In Michigan, an exemplary young man was arrested for an obvious joke. Andrea Widburg — “Lucas’s situation is so heinous that Jonathan Turley, the Democrat law professor who doesn’t realize he’s a conservative, was moved to write about the injustice.”

“Twenty-one-year-old Lucas Gerhard was arrested almost two years ago in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, for sending an obvious joke to friends via a private Snapchat. Since then, he spent 83 days in jail, before being transferred to house arrest, where he is unable to go to school, leave the house, or use the internet. And this is all because he made a private joke about his legal AR-15. This is a heinous assault on his First and Second Amendment rights. Moreover, it takes place against a backdrop of leftist prosecutors and governors across America bending over backward to release violent criminals.

If we are to avoid cultural, political, and constitutional defeat, we need to adopt their legal tactics: letter-writing campaigns, phone calls, non-violent protests…anything to raise the volume. While leftists currently hold the whip hand, we keep learning that they are, in fact, a minority because Americans don’t like their values. It’s time to make the powers that be across America hear that those who value the Constitution, the rule of law, and common sense are the real majority.

How Lockdowns Helped Hide The Plain Evidence That COVID-19 Isn’t A Good Excuse For Panic. Christopher Lloyd Goffos — “What’s obvious to many Americans about the response to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to escape the consciousness of the ruling class.” … “Reason would interfere with panic, which has become a convenient tool for the ruling class to control the masses.”

Sea Surface Temperatures and the Duty of Scientists. David Mason-Jones — “At what point does it become the moral and legal duty of scientists to speak out when an issue involving the integrity of science arises? This challenge has always existed but may be presenting itself in a new light over the issue of whether sea surface temperatures near the Great Barrier Reef are rapidly rising.”

The COVID Vaccine: The Facts. Ted Noel — “Until we assess what we really know, we can’t make a rational decision.” … “COVID19 is a lot worse than the theoretical risks of the vaccines.” … “The problem lies in between the clear situations.”

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