We eat our own?

Major Tech CEO Speaks Out Against Woke Capitalism. Brad Polumbo — “Here’s hoping more CEOs follow Shopify’s lead and rediscover the fundamental morality of free-market capitalism.”

Democrat Projectionists. Clarice Feldman — “I’m not the first person to note that whatever Democrats accuse their opponents of doing, it is they, in fact, who are doing it.”

Dim Dems Dance with the Demons. Noel S. Williams — “Given their mind-numbing immersion in post-truth indoctrination, I used to think that Dems completely lack self-awareness. Actually, it’s a bit more troubling: their individuality is subsumed by progressive group consciousness that constrains them with an ideological straitjacket. They have too little self-awareness, too much group consciousness.”

Mark Zuckerberg Should Never Be Allowed To Touch U.S. Elections Again. Hayden Ludwig and Sarah Lee — Nobody elected Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and he has made no secret of his political bias. That should be enough to ban him from influencing election machinery.” … “After decades of whining about the evils of privatization, the same set of leftists who once cried “eat the rich” and “abolish billionaires” in 2020 embraced a billionaire’s efforts to partially privatize American elections.”

“In Nevada, CTCL appears to have ignored 15 of the state’s 17 counties, which happened to be the ones Trump clinched by an average of 73 percent. CTCL ultimately only funded the two counties incorporating Reno and Las Vegas. They both went for Biden, delivering 92.4 percent of Biden’s votes in the entire state.

In January, the AP glowingly reported that foundations including the Ford, Bloomberg, and George Soros–funded Open Society Foundations, as well as NEO Philanthropy and other pass-through funders, were “saving democracy” by spending gobs of money to oppose Georgia’s recent voter integrity law, register voters in Democratic strongholds, and help “democracy live up to its ideals” by building left-wing coalitions in swing states.

Activists on the left know voters and legislators are concerned, so they are working very hard to spin these moves as necessary if a little unconventional.

but how do you address this without infringing on first amendment rights?

Forensic pathology’s dirty secret. Judy Melinek — “There is a subset of prosecutors who believe, and will not be dissuaded, that the investigative work done by a medical examiner always ought to align with the goals of law enforcement. Some forensic pathologists feel the same way. They label anyone who does medicolegal consult work as a “defense expert,” and disparage their testimony as being bought and paid for.” … “It’s a dirty little secret of forensic pathology: We eat our own.”

Covid’s origins and the systemic corruption of science. Thomas Lifson — “For more than a year, honest and impartial scientific exploration of the origins of the Covid-19 virus has been blocked, with consideration of the possibility that it was engineered in the Wuhan Institute of Virology virtually suppressed, mocked as a “conspiracy theory.” … “How this travesty of scientific inquiry and public discourse came about is a matter of great importance.”

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