Rattling the belief symptom – beware the reaction you will likely get

The January 6 Commission Is All About Revenge. Julie Kelly — “If January 6 was the worst attack on the country since the Civil War, as Joe Biden preposterously claims, or comparable to 9/11, why must politicians and the media lie about what happened?”

“One special counsel investigation, numerous congressional and senate inquisitions, and two impeachment trials later, the Left’s insatiable lust to take down Donald Trump remains unsatisfied. But now, rather than just targeting the president and his family, millions of Americans must be punished for defying the ruling regime—which only partially includes the federal agencies, political leaders of both parties, the news media, and Big Tech. This dangerous crusade is accelerating at an alarming pace at the highest levels of government; apparently, it is of no concern to nearly three dozen Republican members of Congress who are helping Joe Biden and the Democrats exact their revenge on Trump supporters.

The dramatic rhetoric about truth and facts comes amid a rapidly disintegrating narrative related to the Capitol breach—it wasn’t “armed,” it wasn’t an “insurrection,” it didn’t result in the deaths of five people, and it wasn’t orchestrated by “domestic violent extremists”; a new video obtained by American Greatness shows Capitol Police allowing protesters into the building. A handful of House Republicans finally are pushing back on dubious parts of the storyline and demanding to know who killed Ashli Babbitt, the unarmed veteran who was the only fatality that day.

So why are the very same people now vowing to get to the truth about January 6 after continuing to lie about Brian Sicknick?

The official Capitol Police letter that wasn’t. neo — “It appears rather Ratheresque … The moral of the tale is that a fake story can get believed by a lot of people if the perps never quite fully admit it’s not authentic.”

That Garbage Report of Capitol Police Letter Slamming Republicans Gets Even Worse. Brad Slager — “The circulating of the false Capitol Police letter showed the collective state of our political media, and it is shameful.”

Trump Completely Levels the NY AG in Response to Announcement of Criminal Investigation. Nick Arama — “It seems like Democrats have been trying to investigate President Donald Trump forever. Mostly because that’s true and they’ve never come up with anything.”

“But there’s a deeper issue here, that people on all sides of the aisle should be calling out and Trump points it out in his response to this announcement: that the Democratic New York AG actually ran on the promise of trying to get Trump, her political enemy.

Theft in California: Annals of completely predictable logical consequences. neo — “How astounding – if you eliminate penalties for certain crimes, you will get more of those crimes. And there will be consequences to that, as well:”

LA Times Op-Ed: ‘The Evidence Is Clear’…the Lockdowns Didn’t Trash the Economy. Matt Vespa — “Whoever wrote this is on bath salts. Is this for real? I mean I know media bubbles are dense, but this is something else. This is not even grounded in reality, folks”

When the Alamo Gets Its Own Civil Rights History Wrong. Bryan Preston — “The Alamo was a key site in the long fight for civil rights, but that was in 1835-36, not in the 1960s. Santa Anna had tossed out Mexico’s federalist 1824 constitution, and with it, the civil rights of Mexican citizens.”

Facebook’s ‘Science’ Censorship Isn’t Just Wrong, It’s Dangerous. Bonchie — “As big tech companies gained a larger and larger monopoly over the flow of information, censorship became the norm, and things accelerated as these companies saw it as part of their civic duty to ensure Donald Trump wasn’t re-elected in 2020.”

“What Facebook and other social media sites have done and continue to do isn’t just counter to the freedom of expression the internet is supposed to support, it’s also dangerous. Science is not a religion, and it should not be treated as such. Counter-viewpoints based on data should be welcomed, not suppressed with algorithms and arbitrary judgments. Readers do not need to be infantilized to the point where legitimate discussions are crushed for “their protection.”

Electricity Expert/Planner ‘Shaken’ (Texas debacle shocks worldview). Robert Bradley Jr. — “It is tough when your belief system gets rattled by reality. Very few people can handle that well.” … “A little more humility and deep thinking about the direct and indirect role of renewables might just allow any troubled, “shaken” power expert/planner to sleep better at night.”

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