Just who is the nice guy?

An election audit in New Hampshire may be the pebble that diverts the stream. Andrea Widburg — “My touchstone there is the fact that the Democrats’ and NeverTrumps’ ferocious efforts to stop the count strike me as the actions of people with something to hide. Otherwise, they’d be there helping to prove they’re right.” … “Even if the camera failure is nothing, the consistent Republican deficits cannot be shrugged off as a series of random errors. When a “mistake” repeatedly runs in only one direction over a separate series of events, the hand of man becomes apparent.”

Nice Guy Joe. Christopher Roach — “Biden is a phony—and a mean one, at that.” … “If Trump was unpredictable, aggressive, and uncouth, Biden stood in stark contrast: reliable, collegial, and, above all, empathetic. … notwithstanding the tearjerker life story, ample evidence exists that Joe Biden is not such a nice guy.” – the evidence shows the propaganda narrative is upside down and it is causing dissonance.

Identifying Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier’s real sin. Drew Allen — “Lohmeier’s words were reminiscent of the words and warnings of two great Americans — George Washington and Abraham Lincoln; in other words, the words of an enlightened patriot and statesman.” Compare and contrast with other actions of prominent politicians.

The New York Attorney General Announces the Investigation of Trump Inc Is Now a Criminal Matter. Shipwreckedcrew — “Former President Donald Trump is probably the most investigated individual of the last 100 years. Yet he’s never been charged with any criminal offense.” … “At some point, the Democrats are going to give up on their Javertian pursuit of Donald Trump. At some point, the realization is going to set in and they will realize that the reason he has never been charged or prosecuted is that he always obtained legal and accounting advice, and he followed it.” Do read Donald J. Trump on this.

Democrats panic after internal poll shows Republicans sticking to Trump. Monica Showalter — “It’s not surprising at all to the rest of us, given that the 2020 election was nakedly stolen from President Trump, the entire establishment continues to brush it off as “baseless” if not conspiracy theories, and assorted pols and media enablers have since taken to trying to cancel anyone who cries foul.”

6 Reasons College Vaccine Passports Are Absurd And Legally Objectionable. Evita Duffy —

“Students in their late teens and early 20s make up a demographic more likely to die from the seasonal flu than COVID, making the requirement to take an emergency-use vaccine not only potentially dangerous, but absurd. Healthy students are being essentially reduced to guinea pigs for vaccines whose long- and short-term effects are unknown. Moreover, the unethical creation of most of the vaccines opens the door to concerns of conscience.

Students and their parents have a right to object to this violation of medical liberty. Below are six grounds on which students can object.

Students Are Not At Risk … There Is No Legal Precedent … Requiring Vaccination May Be At Odds With Federal Law … We Are Guinea Pigs In Untested Waters … Medical Elites And Democrats Shut Down Alternative Treatments … The Vaccines Raise Ethical Concerns Over Their Use Of Aborted Fetal Tissue Cell Lines

Medical Elites And Democrats Shut Down Alternative Treatments is indicative.

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