Who’s got privilege?

Shawshank for January 6 Detainees. Julie Kelly — “The government argues the events of January 6 along with the defendants’ skepticism about the outcome of the 2020 election are evidence the accused are a threat to society.”

“dozens of January 6 defendants already have been convicted by Joe Biden’s Justice Department and sentenced by federal judges—presumed guilty until proven innocent—awaiting trials that won’t begin for months.

So far, more than 400 people have been arrested in the nationwide manhunt with more charges to come, and at the same time, emerging evidence proves law enforcement allowed protestors to enter and remain in the building.

At the direction of Biden’s Justice Department, at least 50 defendants have been transported from their home states to a D.C. jail, a purely punitive move since all court hearings into the foreseeable future are virtual.

many January 6 detainees now languish in solitary confinement conditions, some reportedly abused by prison guards, denied routine access to family members and defense attorneys.

Lang told his father his fellow detainees are being tortured “mentally, physically, socially, emotionally, legally, and spiritually.”

The government, with the consent of federal judges as I wrote last week, is using every legal trick necessary to keep Capitol surveillance footage from January 6 under wraps from both defendants and legal counsel.

Top Retired Officers Are Right: Biden’s Leftism And ‘Woke’ Military Threaten U.S. Security. I & I Editorial Board — “The letter was not couched in military jargon or bureaucratese; it was plain-spoken and blunt in its concern about America’s course.” No it’s not like the letter Cheney engineered. This one is not ad hominem hyperbole and hypocrisy. This one “starts with a call for protecting our free and fair elections, but then turns toward the ominous political and cultural trends of recent years.”

What Will The Petty Tyrants Resort To Once They Lose Their Virus Leverage? I & I Editorial Board — “Refusing to follow the science and keeping mask mandates in place are California Gov. Gavin Newsom, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Democrats all. No surprise. The Democratic Party is a refuge for closeted, and even open, authoritarians.”

“Once lost, freedom is difficult to regain. “Be warned,” says author Michael Walsh. “If you think the petty tyrants currently making your lives miserable are going to willingly relinquish their illicit powers, think again. They’ve got a taste for it now.”

So intoxicated from their deep swig of power are they that they no longer see boundaries, just opportunities to subjugate. Fight back, or lose in a few years what has made America unique and great for more than two centuries

COVID Skeptics Are Pro-Science? New Study Raises Awkward Questions. Cameron English — hubris reaps its consequences …

“according to a recent study conducted by researchers at MIT and Wellesley College, one of the more overlooked issues is the fact that “coronavirus skeptics,” to use the authors’ phrasing, proved adept at analyzing and communicating epidemiological data (cases, hospitalizations, deaths etc.) related to the pandemic. Instead of ignoring evidence, commentators opposed to mask mandates, social distancing, and lockdowns dove headfirst into the peer-reviewed literature and state public health department data, utilizing them to spur opposition to the mitigation measures implemented by most governments. According to the authors,

The study gathered a lot of useful data and confirmed several valuable insights from previous studies that will help science communicators better engage the public moving forward. That said, several of the conclusions the researchers drew from their study are misguided and risk amplifying the public’s skepticism of mainstream science instead of reducing it.

The study authors clearly didn’t grasp this important point because they tried to frame COVID skepticism as just another partisan phenomenon.

Summed up, this is an interesting study that contains some helpful insights. But it won’t have its intended effect because the authors refused to follow their analysis to its logical conclusion: Americans were misled by their leaders. To win back their trust, we need to treat them as fellow citizens to be convinced, not subjects in need of prodding.

This is the United States today?

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