Priorities versus reality – who wins?

Rage of the NeverTrumpers. Conrad Black — “Their fury now is designed to assuage their guilt. It will not succeed, even in that.”

Dr. Strawman, Or How I Learned To Stop Loving The FBI And Start Worrying. John Simpson — “until recently, I both revered and have been fascinated by the bravery, technical prowess, and clever talents for deception one sees in the rough men and women of the FBI who work tirelessly to capture the worst criminals in America and neutralize terrorist threats. That reverence is now dwindling at an accelerating pace given current events.”

What Do Solarwinds And Colonial Have In Common? Karl Denninger — “ The truth is that everyone did and does know but nobody cares; it’s far more important to have convenience than security.”

Time for Modern Masking Madness to Be Cast into the Dustbin of History. William Sullivan — “There’s still remarkably little or no real-world evidence that masks work, though such evidence has now had ample time to present itself. … If anything, the fact that the same outcomes are observed with nearly universal masking today only strengthens science’s 100-year-old contention. … And yet, our devotion to the idea of masks saving lives has turned our reality into absurdist satire.”

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