No fix? Always a fix but sometimes it is very very ugly.

There Is No Way To ‘Fix’ The Equality Act. It’s Identity Politics Or Equality Before The Law, And Republicans Must Choose. Joy Pullmann — “There can be no compromise with those whose political program requires erasing American citizens’ constitutionally guaranteed rights to freely speak and freely worship.”

“none of LGBT political efforts have been about private matters. They have been about public matters, such as whether the state grants marriage certificates or will assign children to a certain home, or will allow people to manufacture children to order that they cannot generate with their own bodies.

if any side of this dispute has been invading privacy, it has been the LGBT activist side.

All Christians ask of LGBT representatives is what they claim to want from us: that we be allowed to live freely in accord with our beliefs. It seems that is too much for those using the LGBT issue to achieve larger goals of erasing what remains of Americans’ constitutional protections.

Did 10 Former Defense Secretaries’ Op-Ed Delay Military Defense Of The U.S. Capitol? Elaine Donnelly — “Former defense secretaries share responsibility for delaying a professional military response that might have protected the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.”

“The former defense secretaries’ overheated op-ed nevertheless warned that any armed forces involvement in election disputes would take the country into “dangerous, unlawful and unconstitutional territory.” They even employed intimidation, adding: “Civilian and military officials who direct or carry out such measures would be accountable, including potentially facing criminal penalties, for the grave consequences of their actions on our republic.” The op-ed was inflammatory, insulting, and ridiculous, but it did get the attention of acting Defense Secretary Miller, whom the article mentioned by name.

Retired military leaders have every right to express opinions on matters of public policy. In this case, however, an op-ed motivated by speculations and political animus appears to have affected the judgment of an acting secretary of defense who should have followed the president’s direction.

In the minds of Washington Wokerati, a modest open letter expressing concern about the future of America, signed by 124 retired military officers, is “disturbing and reckless.” A prominently placed op-ed accusing a sitting president of plotting a military “coup,” however, was perfectly fine. After connecting these dots, what is wrong with this picture?

The Green New Deal’s Shock Troops. I & I Editorial Board — “As reported May 5 by Fox News, “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other progressive lawmakers are calling for the creation of a 1.5 million-strong group of civilians to work on federally funded projects addressing climate change as part of their sweeping Green New Deal legislation.”

Neurotic America: Masks Today, Masks Tomorrow, Masks Forever. I & I Editorial Board — “Will enough Nervous Nancies and Timorous Toms boycott Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Costco and others that have liberalized their mask policies to force the companies to backtrack on their decisions (which will help restore the humanity dignity that was ripped away by mask rules)?” … “More than that, though, we are troubled by what this tells about America has become.” … “The “science” crowd of course walks over any evidence that isn’t consistent with its agenda, same as it tramples the Constitution. Today is just another day in which the mindless Democrat-media mob of the left that has drilled fear into a society that was already losing its nerve continues to try to break this nation’s once-stiff spine.”

Security: It’s a Spectrum, Not a State. Leo A. Notenboom — “You can get more secure, but there’s no such thing as “secure” in an absolute sense.”

“People crave absolutes.

It’s true not just for data security, but almost every aspect of life. Absolutes drive political and religious arguments, after all.

Shades of gray are more difficult. They require more thought and understanding. It’s easier to say things are one way or another.

When it comes to security, we need to think.

The pipeline incident and the pandemic panic are two examples where the craving has been leveraged for questionable ends.

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