Questioning the evidence of your lyin’ eyes

Mollie Hemingway Is Writing The 2020 Election Book The Media Don’t Want You To Read. Mollie Hemingway — “The ruling class did everything in their power to make sure what happened in 2016 — a Donald Trump election victory — would never happen again in 2020.” … “If questioning the results of a presidential election were a crime, as many have asserted in the wake of the controversial 2020 election and its aftermath, nearly the entire Democratic Party and media establishment would have been incarcerated for their rhetoric following the 2016 election.”

A Phony Insurrection Brings on a Real Purge. Rick Fuentes — “For the new White House tenants, the events of January 6, 2021 ushered an opportunity to refresh the progressive narrative and raise public hackles against soldiers and cops.”

Questioning ‘the Science’ on Climate Change. Robert Murray — “What is it about “climate change” that makes it so different from every other issue?”

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