Many calls to action

5 Ways Parents Are Responsible For Public Education’s Failures. Jenni White — “Lots of parents today wonder how they’ve graduated children they don’t know and who don’t have their values. Don’t be them.”

1. Parents Believe It’s Someone Else’s Job to Educate Their Kids
2. Parents Have Abandoned Their Authority on School Boards
3. Parents Make Excuses for Their Kids and Administrators Allow It
4. Parents Wait Until It’s Too Late Before Acting
5. Parents Have Allowed Administrators to Usurp Their Power

Bottom line: the education of your child or children is your job. Even if you feel intimidated by the system, there are ways to make it work for you, or to solve your family’s needs when the system won’t. You have to take the time and effort to become the education activist your child needs you to be.

Misplaced Contrition: The Psychological Origin of White Guilt. Vasko Kohlmayer — “Whatever faults the Unites States may have, it is certainly not a racist society, which is something that should be obvious to anyone with the eyes to see” … “By pleading guilty to the fake sin of racism – a most grievous sin these days – they try to evade looking at their real moral failings and thus avoid the unpalatable truth of our fallen human existence.”

If There’s Nothing to Hide, Why Are Democrats Freaking Out about the Arizona Audit? J.B. Shurk — “Compare the highly professional audit taking place in Arizona to the orchestrated chaos of the presidential election.” … “At every step of the way, America’s institutions utterly failed to safeguard the security of the 2020 election”

More Than 120 Retired Flag Officers Call On Americans To ‘Save America, Our Constitutional Republic, And Hold Those Currently In Office Accountable’. Tristan Justice — “The retired flag officers blasted the Democrats’ assault on election integrity, pursuit of open borders, rampant Silicon Valley censorship, re-engagement with the Iran nuclear deal, dismissal of energy independence highlighted through the elimination of the Keystone Pipeline, weaponization of the military to gaslight the public of right-wing threats, excuses for left-wing anarchists in city streets, and the recent confusion over nuclear code procedures at the White House.”

Former police chief: If we lose the rule of law, we are going to lose America – and we’re just about there. Pat Droney — “The rule of law in this country is all that differentiates us from third-world countries. When nobody is subject to being accountable for breaking the law—be it Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs in Portland, subway slashers in New York City, or Hillary Rodham Clinton—we have truly lost our country.”

Tuning Out Wokeism. Victor Davis Hanson — “The current madness is the stuff of history as we watch it predictably unfold, until—and if—a few, a “happy few,” finally say to the mob, “no mas.”

“What is saving the country, for now, is not the third of Americans who have bachelor’s degrees, given the university has become a woke deductive, anti-empirical, anti-Enlightenment institution. For now, the more practical two-thirds of the population who did not graduate, and either never experienced the academic mind or got out quickly after they did, are our rear guard at Thermopylae. I concede, with the sadness of a former believer in higher education, that an entire institution has failed its pledge to the Enlightenment and we are back 2,700 years to Hesiod’s warning that with material progress comes moral regress.

Grandpa Knew Best. Clarice Feldman — “My grandpa once told me, ”All my grandchildren were born smart. The longer they go to school, the dumber they get.” I thought he was teasing, but now that I’m his age, I see his point”

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