a streak of venality rules the day

Gullibility: Its Dangers And Uses. Mark Wouk — “The biggest advantage the Dems have is a base of low information, highly suggestible voters: The Gullibles. This is a category that cuts a wide swath across the general population. The Gullibles are people who are disposed to replace the hard work of analyzing facts with the relatively easy and self-satisfying ego trip of imposing an ideological narrative upon reality.”

Agitators Get Dirty To Push Institutional Racism In Texas’s No. 1 School District. Joy Pullmann — “Such viciousness reveals the lack of good arguments for the critical race perspective and that parents’ refusal to endorse racism has put agitators on the defensive.”

How the Left Turned Chauvin Into a Racist Killer. Jack Cashill — “They needed a cause as epic as the damage — and they needed a villain.” … BUT “How exactly did a city with a liberal mayor and a black police chief in a state with a liberal governor and a black liberal attorney general breed a crew of racist killers, three of whom are non-white?”

Black cop: the heart of the matter is lies. neo — “All these cases involve a false narrative of police racism, from Trayvon Martin to Rayshard Brooks to George Floyd, causing tension and a divide between law-enforcement and the community.” … “I would add that they involve not only a false narrative of police racism but also a false narrative of police brutality.”

Jen Psaki Gaslights Profusely After Being Asked About the FBI Raiding Rudy Giuliani. Bonchie — “This supposedly has to do with Giuliani’s efforts to expose corruption in Ukraine, including by members of the Biden family. Like with past Trump associates, it appears the DOJ is looking to selectively enforce FARA regulations by claiming that Giuliani was an unregistered foreign agent.”

America Is In The Hands Of Its Most Foolish Rather Than Its Finest. I & I Editorial Board — “Maybe he was virtue-signaling, as well as hoping to keep the fear running hot. Either way, it was an embarrassment.” … “While incompetent, this administration and its lackeys also have a streak of venality.”

“Asserting that “the dominant ideology of the modern West is an ideology of suicide,” as Roger Kimball, president and publisher of Encounter Books, does, is not an exercise in exaggeration. From progressive city halls and blue legislatures and Democratic governors’ mansions, to the U.S. House and the White House itself, the worst possible people are holding the levers of government, and it’s a death-grip of self-destruction.

Some of us said after the 2012 election we won’t get fooled again. The evidence that too many were has been evident throughout every news cycle since Jan. 20

‘Worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War!’ Can Biden really be this dumb? Patricia McCarthy — “While the entire speech was banal, this was the most egregious spoken line. That an American president would utter such an unspeakable lie is the measure of this man.”

Eeyore’s Cabinet: Where Does it All End? Victor Davis Hanson — “what we are witnessing is unapologetic nihilism. We are engaged in a suicidal impulse to delight in primaeval tribalism, to destroy the entire concept of merit—and to erect in its place a Sovietized system largely overseen by middle-aged, privileged white people and minority elites, who as bureaucrats, lawyers, politicians, media functionaries, and academics dream up these apartheid systems, apply them to less well-off others, and then traverse around the very consequences of their own ideologies.”

Eeyore’s Cabinet: 1984 Came and Nobody Cared. Victor Davis Hanson — ”No free society can long survive in such a climate of untruth when its media is an Orwellian ministry of truth, and the entire population is nursed on mendacity. We are now suffering through “Hunter’s laptop” psychodrama.”

The New Antiracism Is the Old Racism. Victor Davis Hanson — “The benchmarks of the Black Lives Matter and affiliated woke movements are overt racism, systemic untruth, and the hypocritical privilege of their elite architects.” … “No movement can exist for long when it is based on utter untruth.”

The Australian Academy of Drama Queens. Tony Thomas — “The Academy report of last March opens and closes with scary pics of fire-blackened bushland. It’s a vanity project, with the authors citing their own works multiple times,” … “the Academy has given itself a free card to exaggerate and scaremonger:”

Ever Deeper And Deeper Into “Climate” Fantasy. Francis Menton — “It never ceases to amaze me how the very mention of the word “climate” causes people to lose all touch with their rational faculties. And of course I’m not talking here just about the ordinary man on the street, but also, indeed especially, about our elected leaders and government functionaries.”

Defounding America. Myron Magnet — “On the erosion of American freedoms.” (long essay)

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