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How Activism In Everything Has Transformed National Life Into A Pantomime. Casey Chalk — “Political leaders, corporate executives, and everyday citizens need to call these activist causes what they are: distractions unworthy of our attention.” … “Ultimately, much of the normalization of activist culture — including among our elites and elite institutions — is simply appeasement and playacting.”

America Is In The Hands Of Its Most Foolish Rather Than Its Finest. I & I Editorial Board — “This plan is just like your kid putting on a cape, insisting he can soar through the air like Superman, and jumping off the roof … it’s never gonna fly, and someone’s gonna get hurt bad.” … “While incompetent, this administration and its lackeys also have a streak of venality.” … “Some of us said after the 2012 election we won’t get fooled again. The evidence that too many were has been evident throughout every news cycle since Jan. 20”

Caught helping Stacey Abrams hide encouragement for Georgia losing the All-Star Game, USA Today’s publisher Gannett apologizes. Thomas Lifson — “caught red-handed engaging in Orwellian rewriting of history” … “The bigger issue is why a major mass media organization would allow a politician to retroactively hide evidence that would harm her politically. The media are not supposed to engage in revision of history to protect favored politicians and political parties.”

Critical Race Theory Haled Into Court. Paul Mirengoff — “CRT has produced a war on standards — standards like grades, test scores, rules of school conduct, criminal laws — that are supported by common sense and vast experience, and that wouldn’t be questioned if Blacks were meeting them to the same degree as Whites and Asian-Americans. That war is destructive. America can’t be a great country if it discards important, time-tested standards. I doubt it can even be a well-functioning society.”

The Democratic Party is Now America’s Extremist Party. J. Robert Smith — “Millions of Americans know. Daily, others are coming to grips with the reality. But fear pervades the nation, so many people stay quiet. They stay quiet hoping destruction isn’t visited upon them.”

“Time to end the fear. Here’s the ugly fact that must be confronted: The Democratic Party is now an extremist organ waging a fierce cold civil war to seize power and eviscerate America as founded and upend and erase its exceptional culture.

The party is saturated with Marxist sensibilities, ideas, and motivations. Marxism is alien and hostile. It’s fundamentally anti-American. Its worldview, strategies, and tactics are furnished in an endless stream by radical leftist academics, who have dominated our colleges and universities for decades now.

Judicial Watch: Documents Show CA State Officials Coordinated with Big Tech to Censor Americans’ Election Posts. “These new documents suggest a conspiracy against the First Amendment rights of Americans by the California Secretary of State, the Biden campaign operation, and Big Tech,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “These documents blow up the big lie that Big Tech censorship is ‘private’ – as the documents show collusion between a whole group of government officials in multiple states to suppress speech about election controversies.”

CDC Punishes ‘Superstar’ Scientist For COVID Vaccine Recommendation The CDC Followed 4 Days Later. Joy Pullmann — “Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Martin Kulldorff invented key parts of the U.S. vaccine safety system. But the CDC doesn’t want his expertise on COVID vaccines. Why? Looks like politics.”

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