You paid for it. You got it.

Liar Liar, Media Pants on Fire. Brian C. Joondeph — “Media trust is at an all-time low, a majority of Americans believing that, “Most news organizations are more concerned with supporting an ideology or political position than with informing the public.”

“As Friedrich Nietzsche said, “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” This is the message to the media and their allies in Hollywood, sports, academia, and corporate America. We don’t believe you. Their lying pants are on fire and the flames will spread, burning down the entire country.

The Left’s Orwellian Perversion of Language. Lauri B. Regan — “Lies and propaganda are now the mainstay of leftist communications.” … “As the left becomes more emboldened by its control of the federal government, expect more Newspeak to be used, but don’t fall for the propaganda. We have entered a new age in America and if we don’t recognize this true crisis for what it is, we’ll find ourselves living in Oceania with no way out.”

Witness intimidation: the message is clear. neo — “That intimidation has already occurred, even prior to this announcement, and I strongly believe it was already operative in the Chauvin trial. But this news makes it even more overt and obvious. This is the sort of thing we’re familiar with in nations known as banana republics, in addition to other tyrannical regimes around the world.”

What Happened When Hungary Revived Classical Architecture In Budapest. Stephen Sholl — “Restoring genuine beauty in our cities goes hand in hand with any attempt to revive a spiritual nature amongst a people.” … “Surprisingly, such attempts to restore and revive classical architecture have spawned a culture war in the field of architecture. Within 100 days of taking office, Joe Biden has already rescinded President Trump’s executive order, striking a victory for modernist and brutalist architectural designs.”

Parents Revolt After Texas’s No. 1 School District Tries To Institutionalize Racism. Joy Pullmann — “Parents of kids attending Texas’s top-performing school district found out what their schools have been teaching in the name of ‘racial justice,’ and they are livid.”

““The outcome is nothing less than the survival of our national identity itself. No nation can survive a generation of citizens who hate their country,” Saldivar said to explain why he finally decided to speak his mind despite the social pressure he knew he’d face for it. “That’s why I say education is a higher endeavor than war. It has a longer-lasting impact.”

Critical Race Theory—You Paid for It, You Got It. Mark Bauerlein — “When conservatives decry the advancement of critical race theory they should remember that it couldn’t have happened without the support of the people they see in the mirror.”

Medical Racism – Preferential Treatments for Blacks over Whites – is Here. Peter Barry Chowka — “Race has always been used by the left and the Democrats to divide us. As we’ve seen all too clearly in recent weeks, this strategy has now achieved critical mass – and it’s moved into health care, the largest sector of the economy and one with critical influence on people’s lives — and even survival.”

Briefly noted: Death in America. Mark Wauck — “Something’s going on in America, and it results from a total devaluation of life. Because it’s largely kept from public view, people are complacent–but complacency is the first step toward death.

Far From Immune To The Never-Ending COVID Regime, Red States Are A Ripe Target — Unless Their Governors Act Now. Christopher Bedford — “The unending COVID regime isn’t a nightmare scenario, it’s an existential threat to our liberties, a possible and unexamined risk to our health, and right here among us.”

How to Make a COVID Vaccination Decision. Bill Rice, Jr. — “I’m not sure any encyclopedic knowledge of “science” is required to make this health decision. Simple statistical analysis should suffice to inform one’s ultimate decision.”

Protection From The Violence Of Others. Gary M. Galles — “Crony capitalism, with its widespread sacrifice of others’ property rights to benefit government favorites, has spread everywhere. Fourth Amendment violations and civil asset forfeiture demonstrate the same erosion. Eminent domain abuses and development exactions are far from uncommon. And the list goes on.”

Why Wind And Solar Energy Are Doomed To Failure. John Hinderaker — “Wind and solar energy are both essentially obsolete technologies.” … “Robert’s paper acknowledges that there are multiple reasons why wind and solar energy will never meet America’s energy needs, but focuses on the particular problem of land use:”

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