How many chances do they get?

Corporate Media And Other Race-Baiters Have Incited More Violence Than Trump Ever Did. Kylee Zempel — “When you can convince people racism is rampant, you ignite a flame of division and destruction that can only end with bodies on the ground and cities leveled.” … “in both cases, the stories turned out to be completely wrong. … These erroneous stories aren’t flukes. Recent history shows repeatedly that corrupt media and politicians aren’t surprised or embarrassed when body cam footage or crucial details emerge that debunk their initial “reporting.”

“Make no mistake: The ruling class is absolutely inciting violence. The same crowd that insisted President Donald Trump “incited an insurrection” is the one that outrageously lies to demonstrators claiming white cops go on search-and-destroy missions against innocent black Americans. These are the people who gaslight Americans with buzzwords like “peaceful protests” while they watch their cities light up in flames.

The biggest lie is that the entire United States of America — with its white people, police officers, institutions, and norms — is irredeemably racist and evil to its core.

We’ve yet to see the full fallout from the inflammatory and completely untrue racism narrative of the press, although the spin machine’s tactics become more egregious by the day.

A Troubled Rule of Law. Heather Mac Donald — “The pervasive sense that cities would burn if Derek Chauvin were not convicted raises questions about whether the jury’s verdict was reached dispassionately.” … “it is an open question whether any police officer can receive a trial free from mob pressure, should he be prosecuted for use of lethal force.”

“Last year, the United States saw the largest percentage increase in homicides in the nation’s recorded history, thanks to depolicing. The crime wave has continued unabated in 2021. It will worsen. The Minneapolis verdict will not change the poisonous narrative about a racist criminal-justice system. That narrative ensures that encounters between black suspects and the police will remain fraught. Black suspects will continue to resist arrest, increasing the chance that officers will escalate their use of force. If a suspect death ensues, more riots will follow.

Americans should be deeply concerned about the future of the rule of law.

Who will suffer most from the effects of the Chauvin verdict? neo — “the people who will suffer most from those consequences will be law-abiding black people in inner cities run by Democrats.”

Terrible, Awful, No Good Takes on Columbus Shooting, Featuring Valerie Jarrett. Nick Arama — “Some on the left immediately jumped on the story about the police shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio, attacking the police, despite the facts in the case.”

Lefties made a big mistake trying to racialize the death of knife-attacker Ma’Khia Bryant. Thomas Lifson — “New video, apparently from a surveillance camera across the street, conclusively justified the shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio.”

Did FBI really conclude that 2017 shooting attack on House members was “suicide by cop”? Ed Morrissey — “If so, small wonder they kept that idiotic take to themselves for the past four years.”

We’ve Lost Count Of How Many ‘Last Chances’ We’ve Had To Save The Planet. I & I Editorial Board — “Dire, way-off-base predictions have been the hallmark of radical environmentalism for at least a half century.”

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