Understanding the Christian

There is no formula, for formulas are the haven of fools. But there are answers. The answers, I have found, are always simple — and never easy.

The Doctor is in and he is trying to describe the nature of Christianity. He touches the topic of how humans change. This is the fundamental question of education and training. The ‘scientific’ approach tries to make the process of human change objective and quantitative and that approach drives our schools and our education of educators. But any good educator knows that formulas and experiments and tests and the other things we actually do are only a part of the process. There is something else, something more, something that makes a big difference that works beyond those formulas we can create to educate.

Religions are also this way. Many simply provide a formula: behave according these rules and you will be saved. Christianity has a different precept. Dr. Bob provides an analogy to illustrate this point. See Justification, Sanctification, and Grace and The Sword of Grace.

We react to the inner discord our old life engenders with the tools we know best: we try, using knowledge, and effort, and will power, and discipline, to change the thoughts and actions we now know to be destructive. And we succeed — at first.

Sort of.

The behavior changes, but the thoughts and desires linger.

Thoughts and desires – goal driven behavior – attitudes – those that we know and those that we want to be versus those we have hidden deep within and the struggle that keeps psychiatry occupied. The process is one thing – following the rules and going through the motions – it is entirely another to be a different person after change yet still the same one.

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