politics of tragedy

Paul touched a nerve when he noticed a pattern in pleas for Tsunami victim support.

Well, the lefty blogs finally caught up to my post “A Partisan Tsunami?”. … In it, I compare the coverage of the tsunami on left and right blogs. I must have touched a few nerves by outing them and the libs have gone mad. I’ve been called “The Worst of the Worst.” And some guy stated publicly that ““Kevin Aylward Should Be Ashamed” even though it was me who wrote it. The comments lit up with outraged liberals…[Paul. I love being effective. Whizbang. 31 December 2004]]

The legacy media (WaPo et al) have made a big deal to the point that Bush didn’t do a Clinton and come out immediately after the Tsunami tragedy to proclaim ‘I feel your pain’ while biting a lip. Scarborough on Thursday had to play the foil (because his leftist guest couldn’t make it) by continually asking why Bush didn’t do anything for 72 hours. The UN is also in the brouhaha with its “stingy” remarks and complaints about the US bypassing subjugation to UN beauracracy in relief efforts.

What people are missing is what was mentioned somewhere as an “aluminum cloud.” The U.S. is the source of this cloud. No other country on the planet is as well prepared to deliver massive immediate assistance. And it is the military might often impugned by the crowd of the contemptuous that is the source of this preparedness. And the US is rather unique in that much of its relief effort does not go through the government but rather through individuals and associations.

What was Bush doing in that 72 hours before his public pronouncement? As usual, he was doing, not talking. You have to have eyes and mind open to see and realize that the US was putting a massive machine in motion to relieve the suffering. But, as has also been clearly defined and stated, the US is not imposing itself but rather putting its resources at the disposal of the governments of the countries that got hit.

The truth is, the New York Times and Mr. Egeland are political opportunists of the highest order. They gleefully seized upon tragedy to promote a political agenda. They’re not alone: Global-warming theorists, debt-relief enthusiasts and others have been doing the same. It’s a disservice to the truth and a shameful commentary on their attitude towards the dead. [Odious tsunami politics. Washington Times. 31 December 2004]

There is a question to ponder carefully: who is making politics of the tragedy? Is it those who notice patterns such as Paul or is it those who expose a political agenda by attacking the President?

Amazon.com has placed a link for donations to the American Red Cross relief effort (the ARC is not to be confused with the International Red Cross of Gitmo complaint fame). If you are able to support relief efforts, please be careful to make sure you do so through established and known organizations of good provenance. The scammers have surfaced and are out to grab your dough so do be careful.

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