How much farther can it go?

How Much Ruin Do We Have Left? Victor Davis Hanson — “Friends and enemies abroad are becoming variously shocked, disheartened—and gleeful—as the United States cannibalizes itself.”

The American Left Now Knows That Threatening To Riot Works Perfectly. Jonathan S. Tobin — “While Americans were pleased to avoid another round of riots over Floyd’s death, it’s obvious that riots or the threat of them, are now a ‘normal’ response.”

“Even if Chauvin deserved to be convicted, no one should be happy about the way the trial confirmed again that we are now living in a country where political violence is no longer considered beyond the pale.

Moral Force in a Fractured West. Duncan Evans — “Clausewitz proposed the concept of Moral Forces to encapsulate the vast and intangible psychological and emotional factors that permeate and affect the conduct and outcome of war. … The concept of will and its potential power haunts Clausewitz’s theory. ”

“Information warfare only works to the extent that domestic incoherence offers it the conditions it needs to ignite a fire. ”

How American Small Businesses Are Being Coerced To Help Build The Oligarchy. Christopher Bedford — “They’re ready to get in line for just a gasp of air, and in Democrat-run states and cities, it’s impossible to blame them. Just the same, we can’t let it happen. The mechanisms these passports are currently ushering in threaten to create a permanent COVID regime — and quickly evolve into a corporate-government social credit system.”

As Inflation Rears Its Ugly Head, Here’s Why You Should Be Worried. Helen Raleigh — “Since inflation is a process and not an end-state, it never seems too bad at the start. Unfortunately, Americans should prepare to buckle up for the future.”

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