creating artificial stupidity

A Left Turn Toward Biased Ignorance. I & I Editorial Board — “With the extreme left culturally ascendant, many of our most treasured and valuable national institutions have become houses of progressive Groupthink. Meanwhile, our nation’s founding principles, basic morality, values and even science have come under sustained hostile ideological assault by both the media and academia. Bias and ignorance have been institutionalized. Sadly, according to a new report, voters bear much of the blame for this.”

“As President Reagan said, oh-so politely, years ago, “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

We Live In An Age With Absolutely No Intellectual Foundations. Michael Every of Rabobank — “while most people don’t care to notice, once those go, everything else follows.”

Western Civilization’s Growing Intellectual Dead Zones. Richard Fernandez — “The world is living through a crisis of civilization which differs from ordinary disruption in that it involves not a breakdown of physical systems, as might be caused by a natural disaster or technological failure, but is a malaise afflicting the intellectual functioning of society itself.”

Red States Still Rebounding Faster than Blue States. The Committee to Unleash Prosperity — “Unemployment rates are roughly two percentage points lower in the blue states. – The average growth for red states in the fourth quarter was 5.1 percent, more than a full point higher than the average of 3.7 percent for Democrat-run states. – Eight of the top 10 states for fastest economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2020 were led by Republican Governors according to data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.”

The Joe Biden Who Never Was. Victor Davis Hanson — “Biden is proving the Biden he always was—as incompetent as Jimmy Carter, without the latter’s probity. He may prove as corrupt as Bill Clinton yet without his animal energy.”

Project Veritas CEO James O’Keefe’s Lawsuit Against Twitter Alleges ‘Reckless Disregard’ For The Truth. Gabe Kaminsky — “The journalist seeks to demonstrate that Twitter acted with “reckless disregard” for the “falsity of this claim.”

Report: Officer Sicknick Died Of Natural Causes, Discrediting NYT Fire Extinguisher Theory. Tristan Justice — “District medical examiner Francisco Diaz ruled Sicknick died from natural causes, telling the Post there’s no evidence he died from an allergic reaction to chemical irritants such as bear spray or pepper spray.”

Judge In Chauvin Trial Says Maxine Waters’ Attempt To Gin Up Violence Could Lead To Jury Verdict Being Overturned. Jordan Davidson — “now that we have US representatives threatening acts of violence in relation to the specific case is mind-boggling.”

Did Wrecking Ball Maxine Waters Give Derek Chauvin Grounds for an Appeal? Victoria Taft — “Waters would complain that the “right-wing racists” distorted her words.”

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