A bias towards ignorance

Study: After Relentlessly Mean-Girling Trump, Corrupt Corporate Media Are Trusty Biden Cheerleaders. Jordan Davidson — it’s called propaganda.

How Mastercard’s Rules Against Child Pornographers Could Be Used To Ban Conservatives From Banking. Margot Cleveland — “for a country whose corporate overlords refuse (or are unable) to distinguish between intrinsic evil and prudential policy judgments, this promising development will likely also serve as a beta test to further attack conservative groups.” The push is from ostracizing what is illegal towards what is not ‘woke.’

‘Stubborn Things,’ and the Chauvin Trial. William Sullivan — “Derek Chauvin should be tried for the crime of which he is accused, not as a stand-in for the mob’s presumption of America’s racism in policing.” … “We may need to brace ourselves and be prepared to speak loudly in defense of facts and evidence, and in favor of reason over passion,”

What Is The Difference Between The Wright And Babbitt Shootings? Jonathan Turley — “Within an hour of each other, charging decisions in two lethal police shootings were announced with strikingly different conclusions. The decisions reached in the shootings of Daunte Wright in Minnesota and Ashli Babbitt in Washington highlight concerns over the political and legal elements that can influence such decisions. The timing of the two decisions that involved two chaotic situations raises questions why charges were filed in Minnesota, but not in Washington.”

The Spiked Guns of Scholars Militant. Salvatore Babones — “It would be vain traditionalism to attempt to return to the seven liberal arts of the Greeks, Romans and Renaissance Italy.”

The liberal arts, you see, were not originally about leisure. They were about action. Military action, to be specific. Grammar for giving clear commands; logic for debating strategy; rhetoric for rousing the soldiers; astronomy for finding your way at night; arithmetic for counting your troops; geometry for making formations; and most crucial of all, music for marching, drilling, signalling and the overall exercise of command. In various forms, the liberal arts remained the foundation of a future general’s education from the Persian Wars right up until the Battle of Waterloo.

A Left Turn Toward Biased Ignorance. I & I Editorial Board — “With the extreme left culturally ascendant, many of our most treasured and valuable national institutions have become houses of progressive Groupthink.” … “No question, America is a mess. But how did it get that way? The simple answer, the poll of voters suggests, is ignorance, along with pervasive media and political bias.”

“For all 10 of the questions in which the electorate was most deluded, the wrong answers they gave concurred with progressive narratives propagated by the media,” the voter study showed. “Moreover, the false answers they gave were often far removed from reality, not just slightly mistaken.”

If Lockdowns Are Needed, Why Did More People Die In States That Locked Down Than Those That Didn’t? Will Jones — “Those academic teams which produce models predicting doom for places which don’t impose the measures they recommend should be challenged to apply their models to these states and hindcast the last winter. Any model which cannot accurately reproduce the known outcomes for these states should be calibrated until it can. Otherwise, if it can’t get the answer right for the past, why should we trust it for the future?”

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