Follow The Science,’ Or Follow The Fear?

The GOP’s Trump Solution. Conrad Black — “At some point, the former Republican establishment will have to familiarize itself with the consequences of being defeated by Donald Trump within its own party.”

For Years, The New York Times Reported Absentee Voting Boosts Fraud — Until Donald Trump Agreed. Eric Felten — “What accounts for the New York Times’ change from a dark presentation of absentee voting to a decidedly rosy one? The 2020 election, it appears.” Felten falls into the ‘can’t prove’ vote fraud meme to bash DJT which is being shown false but otherwise, the flip flop is an example that should be a tell for many who aren’t paying that much attention to what is going on.

These Lawsuits Reveal The Left’s Goal To Banish Religion Altogether. Yaakov Menken — “Leftists use lawsuits, not to address actual discrimination, but to demonize those with different beliefs and to characterize the Bible itself as hateful.”

Follow The Science? How The Media’s Hypocrisy Undermines Critical Thinking In The Age Of COVID. Cameron English — “Mainstream news outlets have gone after COVID-19 conspiracy theorists with a passion. But when it comes to equally important science topics, they have no problem ignoring evidence and promoting conspiratorial nonsense. This blatant hypocrisy causes confusion and fuels the public’s skepticism of science more broadly.”

“Anti-science activists generally aren’t single-issue crusaders. Many of the same “health freedom” advocates who deny the benefits of pesticides and vaccines also promote sham medical treatments, and they often work together.

J&J’s Vaccine Halt: ‘Follow The Science,’ Or Follow The Fear? I & I Editorial Board — “No one likes secondary effects of vaccines. It’s a big reason why nearly a third of all people refuse to take any vaccine. But in the case of the J&J vaccine, one possible secondary effect can be quite scary: A small number of people develop a rare form of blood clots. … So how many? Six. That’s out of more than 6.8 million people who have taken the J&J shot,”

“For the record, we don’t tell people what to do. If you don’t want a vaccine, that’s up to you. What we really don’t want, however, is the hypocrisy of those in our “woke” health bureaucracies who relentlessly instruct us to “follow the science,” but then don’t follow it themselves. Instead they follow the politics — or even worse, the fear.

The Totalitarian Undertow of Social Distancing. Jon Rodeback — “The closest parallel in recent history to prolonged social distancing may be the atomization of societies under totalitarian regimes. Totalitarian regimes usually take power during periods of massive social and political upheaval, and they must perpetuate the upheaval through reigns of terror in order to retain power.”

Dan Klein’s Open Letter to Tyler Cowen. Don Boudreaux — “Like Don, I am distressed by your recent blog post disparaging the Great Barrington Declaration.”

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