Honesty crisis – does anyone care?

Our Honesty Crisis: How We Talk about Race. Matt Keener — “Of all the things that ail us — our honesty crisis might be the one that does us in.” … “We lie about our ills. We gloss over or ignore statistics that do not support the official narrative of the times and we censor or ban people that tell us things we do not want to hear.” … “Nowhere is this transparency crisis more evident in the last year than in the area of race.”

Officer Chauvin’s Knee Was NOT on George Floyd’s ‘Neck’ and 8 Other Things You Didn’t Know About This Case. Victoria Taft — “Many things have been revealed during the nearly two-week-long trial of Chauvin. We’re betting you didn’t know most of them. Here are just nine examples.”

Another, Clearer Take on the Chauvin Trial. Clarice Feldman — “I leave it to you to decide why, from the Trayvon Martin case to the George Floyd case, the media has so consistently misrepresented the facts.”

Biden’s Chamber of Confected Hatreds. Conrad Black — “It was impossible to foretell that the reaction of the post-Reagan bipartisan and political class to its being rejected would be not only to confect defamatory hatred against Trump but of America.” … “Destructive, mindless wokeness and charges and confessions of “white privilege” are everywhere”

Optimism Inc.: Serendipity on the Farm. Victor Davis Hanson — “Nothing has changed in a world where everything has changed.” … “My worry about the next generation? Many. But one is that we are losing the versatile, autonomous, jack-of-all-trades young man, who has the confidence and skill to go it alone under any possible contingency and welcomes rather than fears adversities. God, I wish we had more such folk. The nation was built by them, and without them we do not have a prayer. A Happy Easter to them all!”

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