Propaganda problem should be a major concern

Legacy Media Corruption Is At The Heart Of Our National Conflict. Emily Jashinsky — “The Georgia example is instructive in illustrating exactly how much of our conflict is downstream of the broken media.” … “The media’s false reporting about new election legislation in Georgia whipped up a controversy that left millions of people grossly misinformed, frightened voters, mired major corporations in high-stakes public relations frenzies, distracted the political discourse, and furthered the country’s divisions.”

“Over and over again, the legacy media falsely reports major details of major stories. Take Sunday’s bizarre “60 Minutes” report on Gov. Ron DeSantis, which Mollie Hemingway eviscerated on Monday. On that same network last weekend as well, months after the media worked in concert with Big Tech to suppress a New York Post report, Hunter Biden admitted the infamous laptop could be his.

the media is no longer a secondary problem because of its partisan bias. Its ideological bias has festered into incompetence that is creating and worsening just about every single one of our problems as a country, from basic efficiency to institutional trust to race relations. Defeating the legacy media’s stranglehold on information delivery must be a top priority for the left, right, and center.

All-Star Game Move Shows The Left’s Power To Push Lies. Jonathan S. Tobin — “while the league’s decision to move the game out of Atlanta was certainly influenced by the president’s histrionics, the die was cast long before he launched his puzzling rhetorical improvisations about the law making “Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.”

“When race-baiting becomes the issue, the facts about voting or any other issue never matter when industries have much to lose and little to gain from standing up to woke, leftist bullies.

Violating Core American Principles. Gary M. Galles — “the premise underlying such disproportionate burdens – that it is an appropriate federal government role to take from some to give to others of its choosing – is inconsistent with America’s founding principles. And that is also the case for the government overstepping, disparate treatment and unequal justice those funds have financed.”

Election Fraud Prosecution At An “All-Time High”: Texas Attorney General’s Office. [zerohedge] Jack Phillips [Epoch Times] — “An official in Texas’ Attorney General’s office testified during a state House hearing that the number of election fraud cases in Texas is at an “all-time high.”

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