Corporate communism?

The Federalist headlines of note:

The PJ Media morning briefing … Teachers’ Unions Are Heading for the Ninth Circle of Hell. Stephen Kruiser — “for those who need a refresher is all about treachery and betrayal. … also the circle in which Satan lives.”

“It is important to note that even I don’t think all union teachers are evil. Their union masters are though. And, as my friend Larry O’Connor points out over at Townhall, the good teachers need to start speaking out against and challenging their greedy (Dante’s Fourth Circle), corrupt, and treacherous leadership.

Say, Whatever Happened To Biden’s Transparency Pledge? I & I Editorial Board — “keeping people in the dark is good policy.” … “Even if what Biden said were true, that a massive surge of unaccompanied children happens every year, it means he was caught entirely flat-footed for this supposedly predictable event. In other words, either Biden is lying or he’s incompetent.” … “Just try to imagine the wall-to-wall 24/7 outcry from the press, politicians, celebrities, late-night “comedians” if Trump had done something like this.” … “If anything, Biden is a worse offender since he solemnly promised a new era of honesty and tell-it-like-it-is transparency.”

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