A deplorably biased mainstream media?

Study: Media Reported Only Bad COVID News (Until Trump Lost). I & I Editorial Board — “Researchers at Dartmouth College and Brown University did a content analysis of tens of thousands of COVID-19 news stories to look at the levels of negativity.” … “There’s a precedent for this. When George H.W. Bush was running for reelection in 1992, coverage of the economy was overwhelmingly negative, despite the fact that one of the shallowest and shortest recessions on record ended in March 1991.” … “We all know how deplorably biased the mainstream media is. But even we can be stunned when we see blatant evidence of it like this.”

The ‘Pathetic’ Genesis of a Fake News Story. Stephen B. Presser — “Truth ought still to be the most important thing in our lives and our politics, but truth is not advanced by assertions taken out of context to affirm a narrative.” This is about the (mis)reporting on the Powell v Dominion case. “As I have argued in this space before, the American people should still demand a full airing of the disputed fairness of this last presidential election—an airing that has yet to take place.”

Mark Wauck: An Independent Judiciary? — “Anyone who’s been following the January 6 Event and the Sedition Hoax will be aware that the elements of this offense–the conspiring and especially the element of force connected to planning for the event–are notably lacking.”

The Justice Department Is Struggling With January 6 Protest Cases — an Overview. Shipwreckedcrew — “the evidence the government is bringing before the courts doesn’t measure up to the rhetoric used by prosecutors and federal agents in their early comments, both in the courtroom as well as sworn affidavits.” … “one issue that is percolating at this moment in several pending cases — but has not yet broken out into the public arena quite yet — is a determined and widespread tactical effort by the Department of Justice to keep the actual evidence it has in all these cases out of public view.”

What Nobody Tells You About the Alamo and the Texas Revolution of the 1830s. ¡No Pasarán! — “The problem with the Left, international as well as American, is that they obsess so much over every sin, real or alleged, of the United States, going berserk over American/Western guilt, that they leave other nations — and their citizens — totally unscathed from the minutest amount of criticism, all the while ignoring basic historical facts.”

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