Media Problems

Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir talks about Anonymous Blogs and notes that “the ethical line is drawn when a blogger hides behind an anonymous identity is used to disperse irresponsible and unsubstantiated statements about real people.”

The New York Times has prompted several discussions lately. Powerline noted an Obsession to the Point of Dementia at the new year.

Titled “Looking At America,” the editorial focuses on the Bush administration’s efforts to prevent terrorist attacks over the last six years. Some would look at that record and see success: no significant attacks on American soil after September 11, most of al Qaeda’s leadership killed or captured, no more safe havens for terrorists, tens of millions of people liberated in Afghanistan and Iraq. But not the editors of the Times: they see only the negative, and react with “horror.”

Just recently the NYT has continued this obsession with a lengthy article on the ‘wacked out vets’ myth and generated yet more discussion about the fact that citing stories about violent criminal behavior of returning Iraq war vets out of context of nominal criminal statistics for the cohort is pointless unless it is an attempt to smear and slime the soldier.

There is more on this as a general discussion by Nathan Burchfiel in New Republic Scandal Further Damages ‘Mainstream’ Media Credibility

Andrew Bolt sees a Welcome to my nightmare – “Was it that I refused to be freaked by this latest panic attack that global warming was blasting in and . . . Oh, God, WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!” The column puts the current fear and doom mongering in a context that is good to keep in mind.

James G. Zumwalt discusses Dismantling democracy and wonders

It is hard to conceive of the willingness of a people who, having escaped the yoke of tyranny to embrace democracy, would allow their government to revert to suppressing individual rights. But, in a disturbing 21st century trend, we are witnessing this evolution in places like Venezuela and Russia. What so desensitizes people to democracy”s freedoms that they do nothing to prevent a return to tyranny”s chains?

Being that it is primary season as the political parties hash out who to nominate for office, Captain Ed’s rundown on The Way Primaries Work would be good to review to keep things in context.

It appears that the theme on this post might be media bias and problems. Another example is from James Lewis discussing More Abu Ghraib Agitprop and the BBC’s propaganda effort. Then Randall Hoven notes that It’s Not Just Scott Beauchamp which prompted the realization that he “need a scorecard to keep track of all the fallen journalists, journalistic mistakes and major and minor screw-ups in the media.”

In the same vein is Hugh Hewitt on Attacking General Petraeus: The Hysterics of the Anti-War Fringe

J.D. Johannes demonstrates how this media problem is used by the enemies of the US in How Al Qaeda is Winning Even as it is Losing

In other words, you have to be careful in believing what you read in the media!

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