The pile under the rug isn’t getting smaller

‘Cancel Trump’ Culture Is Toxic, Juvenile, and Dangerous. Stephen Kruiser – “On Friday I highlighted a specific incident that sought to cancel President Trump even in death. Today we’ll look at the pathological mental deterioration behind that, as well as some more petty and ignorant manifestations of this metastasizing Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

“The Democrats are in control of the federal government right now and they have no clear vision for the United States of America other than hating Donald Trump. That would be myopic and stupid in the best of times. With the pandemic still upon us and the economy in dire need of a comeback, it’s a recipe for long-term disaster.

And they don’t care. The tantrum is the priority and it shows no signs of letting up.

In Wake Of His Death, Media Smears Rush Limbaugh For ‘AIDS Update’ He Repeatedly Apologized For. Chad Felix Greene – “It seems that rather than attempt to hold Rush Limbaugh eternally accountable for his sins, this one in particular, what should matter most is the context and his apology.” … “One of the remarkable truths about those who hold a visceral hatred of Rush Limbaugh is the high likelihood they have never listened to his show or read any of his books. ” … “Leftwing activists often lecture us on the importance of personal growth and redemption, yet they stubbornly feel entitled to withhold forgiveness when it politically suits them.”

“It seems that rather than attempt to hold him eternally accountable for his sins, this one in particular, what should matter most is the context and the consequence. Limbaugh engaged in his typical blunt and bombastic style to comment on how the gay movement chose to respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in its early years. Once he realized he was unfairly harming innocent people he never meant to insult or mock, he stopped, apologized, and donated money to help end the HIV/AIDS crisis. That is what should be remembered.

Language, Crime and Trial by Headline. Peter Smith – “We do know that Trump had evidence for his claim. And to say he didn’t have proof is rather like saying my black eye is not proof that I was punched in the face. But it is evidence, numbskulls.”

Court Docs Show Facebook Played Much Bigger Part In Capitol Riot Than Parler, Yet No Consequences. Rachel Bovard – “If any single platform can be fingered as the favorite of the rioters, it appears to be Facebook. Yet Facebook remains unmolested by app stores and untargeted by opportunistic politicians.” … “Arbiters of Truth Push More Fake News” … “And that is because this issue is not really about content moderation policies. It’s about narrative control.”

“Big Tech can shut down your speech, but also your ability to make money in America. They can ban you from the public square, as well as from the avenues and infrastructure of capitalism.

Looks like SCOTUS has abandoned the Constitution as “moot” in regard to elections.They set it aside as irrelevant before the election. The message is that the Law does not matter.

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