legacy media satire to read

Rand Simberg has a takeoff on the war casualty story in Media Casualties Mount As War Success Continues (Transterrestrial Musings. 31 December 2004). If your impression of legacy reporting during 2004 is somewhat jaded and you enjoy satire, this piece is a definite must read.

The ranks of print, web and broadcast pundits and journalists continue to be decimated by enemy action as the war progresses. The total number of casualties are becoming almost uncountable, and are overwhelming the limited field emergency facilities. This reporter got a first-hand view of the devastation and tragedy in a visit to a typical field hospital.

The first thing that strikes you when you enter the infirmary is the smell. The stench assaults the nose–it’s a pungent blend of moldering printer’s ink and decaying sanctimony.

Many will require relearning, or even unlearning, many things they’ve always taken for granted. They will have to start at the very beginning, with Logic 101. After months of painful mental exercises and thought, they will be gradually eased into actual history, rhetoric, and economics courses, as their minds grow stronger.

Go. Read. End your year with a laugh remembering the Limbaugh dictum that good humor is always based on a kernel of truth.

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