The Narrative. Good and Hard.

Once Upon A Presidency – From Populist To Dissident [via zerohedge]. Joshua Hochschild at – “In a healthy democracy, populist skepticism could lead to bipartisan reform efforts to restore confidence in election procedures. But the powers that be do not even acknowledge the legitimacy of any skepticism.”

“This isn’t how you envisioned any political drama, much less your own role in one. In the story you imagined, skepticism and populism are not partisan issues, and protest and argument are messy but welcome. These are a regime’s natural mechanisms for improvement. But what happens when they are not accepted and addressed, when instead they are slandered and suppressed? That is not the story you imagined. And you aren’t sure where that kind of story can end.

Obamacare was the turning point for the American left. Neo – “It was a major transformative program passed by a narrow and partisan vote. Previously all such big legislation had bilateral support … the left learned that, with the help of a compliant press, they could get away with it.”

Covid: Good News, Bad News. Mark Wauck – “Here’s the chart in which he presents that 77% drop in “cases” in the last six weeks” … “It’s the non-scientific reasons that bring us to the bad news.”

Biden and the Big COVID Lie. Neo – “The first point – an obvious one – is that there is no serious effort by the press to call Biden on anything he does or says.”

“That message is reinforced by the MSM, Democrat politicians, academicians, people in the arts, and often a vast circle of friends and acquaintances (especially in blue states and cities). No one should underestimate the difficulty of thinking differently, or how hard it is to start doubting the story at this late date. Against the almost overwhelming force of the narrative, what potency do a few new facts have to change a person’s mind? It can happen, of course, but it’s not that common and it’s not that easy.

Fantastical Energy. Clarice Feldman – “Energy issues are boring to many people, full of the sort of things the current wizards of academia and the press consider “white privilege” and “patriarchal” thinking — you know, the kind of thing in which correct answers matter more than subjective feelings.”

Why would Texas have prepared for record cold and snow if they listened to the media and other global warming fanatics the last forty years? Jack Hellner – “Since 1980 Americans have heard that the Earth was warming rapidly, that the South would not have winters anymore and we would see “the end of snow.” … “Let’s Review 50 Years Of Dire Climate Forecasts And What Actually Happened” … “So when will reporters do their job instead of repeating what they are told?”

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