Bad Faith

Failed Impeachment Saga Was An Embarrassment For Democrats. Tristan Justice – “The Democrats’ second impeachment case was so weak, it featured fabricated evidence to secure a conviction that still never came.”

“her words rang cheap as she declared a man with seven days left in office to be a “clear and present danger,” and they rang even cheaper when considering Americans had heard the endless hyperbolic rhetoric before.”

McConnell’s Bitter Turtle Soup. J.B. Shurk – “Senate Republicans’ refusal to unanimously stand up for the free speech of a sitting president is inexcusable — especially during a time when Big Tech is engaging in an unprecedented campaign of censorship against ordinary Americans and Democrats are openly advocating for the criminalization of viewpoints with which they disagree.”

Left-Wing Facebook ‘Fact-Checker’ Censors The Federalist For Highlighting Texas Power Failures. Jordan Davidson – “Lead Stories did not respond to The Federalist’s questions about why they censored an article and then tried to refute it by promoting their own article’s narrative without even acknowledging the researched and sourced claims asserted in Isaac’s story.”

PolitiFact Is Ticked That We Fact-Checked Their False Fact-Check Of Our Fact-Check Of Their Fact-Check.  Tristan Justice – “PolitiFact has still not published a fact-check of Harris’s erroneous assertion the Biden White House has been forced to start “from scratch” with vaccine distribution.”

The Media Coverage of Ted Cruz Is Bad-Faith Garbage, and There’s a Reason for It. Bonchie – “Of course, Cupp, CNN, and the rest of the media couldn’t be bothered to spend even a fraction of this much outrage on Andrew Cuomo, whose nursing home scandal is actually a big deal.”

The Decline Of The West: American Education Surrenders To “Equity” [via zerohedge]. Philip Giraldi, The Strategic Culture Foundation – “It will be difficult or even impossible to go back to a system where learning is actually a discipline that requires hard work and dedication” … “this transformation is taking place all over the United States with the encouragement of federal, state and local governments”

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