What a bunch of snakes

Rush Limbaugh is no more. His wife describes the loss this morning on his show. Rest in peace, Rush.

Lies About Capitol Officer Brian Sicknick Ominously Foreshadow Democrats’ ‘Truth Commission’. Joy Pullmann – “It is plain to anyone with eyes to see that in this nation justice is not being equally applied. If people don’t think this is a problem, they are part of it.” … “We can expect that the lies and coverups that already have occurred related to his death will be magnified across every other fact related to these events.”

“Kamala Harris’s support for obvious injustice is not by any means an anomaly. It is openly supported by all her party’s prominent leaders, including those in media. Their appetite for using this violence to smear and destroy nonviolent political opponents and the rights and legal procedures that protect all of us — such as our freedoms of association and speech — can only be described as hellish.

Our nation clearly has a massive problem with equal justice under the law. It is a problem that many of our political leaders refuse to see and indeed seem deeply invested in making much, much worse.

This situation is deeply dangerous and utterly untenable. It is an open provocation to further violence. Every single American should utterly refuse to get into this mental cattle car.

Unbelievable. Mark Wauck – “What a bunch of snakes Trump was surrounded with! The scope of the plot against the President is simply mind boggling.” citing Jon Solomon: FBI’s desperate pretext to keep spying on Carter Page.

“This is just so far beyond outrageous. Not just for what it says about the FBI–that goes without saying. Rather, it’s the scope of the plot against the President and the extent to which the coup plotters were willing to trash every aspect of the rule of law that we as Americans should hold dear.

“Where The Hell Are We?” – Biden’s CNN Townhall Disaster Ignored By Mainstream Media. Tyler Durden – “In his first such public appearance since the campaign, President Biden joined CNN’s Anderson Cooper on stage last night in Milwaukee in a town-hall-style discussion. It did not go well” … “during the car crash exchange, Biden claimed that former military and former police officers are fueling the “growth of white supremacy,” while claiming President Trump refused to condemn it”

California’s Multibillionaires Intend to Conquer the World. Edward Ring – “To understand what the establishment (of which Joe Biden is a mere figurehead) has in mind for America, we must first understand the Golden State.”

“There is a populist movement around the world that ordinary Americans are joining. It transcends race and in many respects transcends ideology. It has two predominant features. The first is the desire for nations to retain their sovereignty and cultures, and determine their own fates. The other, equally significant, is a growing faith and respect for the power of the individual, and the power of human creativity, to successfully address the challenges we all face without war, and without succumbing to the tyranny of oligarchs—whether they’re living in California or Beijing.

Ultra-Woke Indoctrination In Government Schools Is Closer Than Most Realize. Mark Wauck – “Stanley Kurtz has a lengthy article about what so far looks like will become law in Illinois–Ultra-Woke Illinois Mandates Are Top Threat to U.S. Education. Here’s how he sets up his detailed analysis:”

The closing of the American mind. Daniel Davies – “They hoped that removing classical “Western” works from their curriculum would attract more students. That decision accentuates a trend that has been underway in American colleges, too: eliminating courses that many students claim glorify Western imperialism, capitalism, and chauvinism. The students, and often faculty, demand that colleges take down portraits and statues as well.”

Environmentalists Want Renewable Energy, But Not Power Lines. Alex Berezow – “The only thing that most environmental groups like the NRDC and Sierra Club do is complain, file lawsuits, and block things. They’re never part of any solution.”

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