Questions. Skepticism. Squashed.

What Were They Thinking? Christopher Chantrill – “What are they thinking when all the Democrats can be whipped into voting as one?” … “It’s really amazing how easy it is to take Marx’s Communist Manifesto and rework it into a Deplorables Manifesto.”

Devin Nunes Blasts Dems For Presenting False Evidence To Senate For Impeachment. Gabe Kaminsky – “For the most part, most Americans did not see how badly the Democrats from the House were destroyed in the Senate — about how they doctored evidence, how they falsified evidence. … This was presented to the U.S. Senate. This is not normal behavior in the course of the history of the United States of America. But it’s become the norm over the last five years, as we’ve seen gone from a Russia hoax, to a fake impeachment.”

Cutting Through the Nonsense of the Great Capitol Trespass. Peter D’Abrosca – “Nothing that has happened since January 6 has lowered the temperature inside the pressure cooker of American politics.” … “January 6 was not an insurrection. It was not a coup. It was not sedition. It was not another 9/11. It was not like the Rwandan Genocide, as CNN’s Anderson Cooper recently suggested. – It was trespassing. – Save your crocodile tears.”


Brit Hume says GOP should ‘move away from Trump without alienating supporters’, but reality bites. Jon Dougherty – “Hume then noted that both Trump and President Joe Biden drew record numbers of voters as he speculated that some Americans who cast ballots for Biden may swing back to the GOP if the 2024 nominee is someone other than “the highly controversial” former president.” This assumes that ‘ Biden drew record numbers of voters’ which Time magazine refutes and that voters share the ‘inside Washington’ disdain for DJT. Paul Mirengoff makes a similar mistake when he asserts This Impeachment Was Not A Witch Hunt as a conclusion based on his distaste for DJT. There are many false or questionable assumptions about the 2020 election driving conclusions that need questioning and skepticism.

The Frozen Wastes of the Warmist Mind. Tony Thomas – “there was already plenty of verbal whining, as if each talker wanted to outdo the others on the perils of global warming in the Antarctic. I cocked an ear briefly but then tuned out, as every speaker was talking nonsense.”

What Does ‘The Science’ Say? It’s Getting Harder To Tell. Steven Zhou – “We must be wary when we hear ‘the science says…,’ as we too often only take facts on faith if they support the policies of our preferred political party.” … “Too often, however, fact-checking stops as soon as someone cites a study published in an academic journal with a fancy-sounding name. What people don’t realize is that data conflicts all the time, and everyone — yes, even well-credentialed academics — makes mistakes.”

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