Pandemonium here and there

Post-impeachment, NYT retracts story about Officer Sicknick killed by Trumpster with fire extinguisher. Monica Showalter – “fresh after the slapdash, failed second impeachment of President Trump, the New York Times has withdrawn the rawest element of its story” … “Here’s how bad that New York Times retraction was, as reported by Red State

Biden lies about Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick’s death. Andrea Widburg – “Trump was a boaster, a puffer, and an exaggerator, but he was always straight about the essentials. Biden, on the other hand, is a stone-cold liar.”

Trump acquitted. Neo – “But the US Congress has covered itself with shame, as far as I’m concerned.” … “The case for voting “guilty” was tremendously weak, but that was no impediment to every single Democrat senator casting such a vote. I guess that’s an example of the Democrat way of unity and healing.”

The ‘Insurrection Hallucination’ and How We Got There. Clarice Feldman – “It’s no secret the media has lots of ways to gaslight you. One of those is failing to report significant happenings. Another is booking and quoting people whose views they want to advance because they target those they dislike. Yet another is spreading outright lies, … This week, despite their best efforts, a lot of those lies and liars have been unmasked.”

Yes, Acquittal Is Vindication. Roger Kimball – “The pandemonium at the Capitol was not the cause but merely the pretext for the unprecedented second impeachment by the U.S. Congress of a single individual.”

“I think that an acquittal is a vindication. I know that there are some intermittently conservative organs that disagree. They believe, or at least they say, that Trump’s acquittal does not mean he was vindicated. The proposition that Donald Trump is in the wrong is an analytic truth for them. Like the proposition “all bachelors are unmarried,” they regard it as a necessary truth. It is something inarguable.

There is, as I have noted elsewhere, a lot that we do not know about the fracas at the Capitol on January 6. One of the reasons for our ignorance is the highly inaccurate accounts of the event.

The lies form a distorting web through which it is difficult to discern the reality of what actually happened.

The Morning Briefing: Post-Apocalypse GOP 2021—Graham’s In, McConnell’s Out. Stephen Kruiser – “Let me begin with the second thing first: “They did this because they had been fed wild falsehoods by the most powerful man on Earth — because he was angry he’d lost an election.” With one sentence, the man formerly known as “Cocaine Mitch” has signaled that he’s decided to throw every devoted Trump supporter who still has questions about the myriad irregularities in last year’s election under the bus.” … “the highest-ranking Republican in the United States Senate told almost 75 million members of his own party to go straight to hell.”

McConnell’s Impeachment Ploy Was Not Statesmanship, But An Attack On The Base — And Republicans Must Remember It Well. Christopher Bedford – “Friday’s floor speech was no quick tantrum: It was the last stupid moments of the minority leader’s plan to purge the GOP of Donald Trump.”

“I think his speech is an outlier regarding how Republicans feel about this, “Graham said Sunday. “…The process they used to impeach this president was an affront to the rule of law… The trial record was a complete joke, hearsay upon hearsay, and… if you use this model I don’t know how [Vice President] Kamala Harris doesn’t get impeached if Republicans take back the House because she actually bailed out rioters and one of the rioters went back to the streets and broke somebody’s head open. So we’ve opened Pandora’s Box here and I’m sad for the country.”

The ‘Sound And Fury’ Of Trump’s Impeachment Trial Signifies Something Sinister For America. John Daniel Davidson – “Trump isn’t really on trial here, everyone who voted for him is.”

Graham’s Gambit on Witnesses — the GOP Has Better Trial Lawyers in the Senate Than Do the Democrats. Shipwreckedcrew – “The best defense in a trial before a jury is to attack the case that the prosecution doesn’t make.” … “That sets in the jurors’ minds the idea that I know more about how the investigation should have been handled than the investigators do, and that the investigators took shortcuts and ignored evidence. It’s not necessarily evidence of “innocence”, just the fact of ignoring evidence calls into question the completeness of what they did and their competence doing so.”

Trump Acquittal Shows Congress Is Not Exempt from the Constitution. Joel B. Pollak – “Lead manager Rep. Raskin (D-MD) said that because this was not a criminal trial, the legal requirements for “incitement” did not apply, the right to due process did not apply, and even the cherished First Amendment did not apply. In effect, Raskin argued, Congress was exempt from following constitutional principles.” … “Last year, House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) made the same argument.” … “it is encouraging that Democrats’ efforts to trample the Constitution, while claiming to defend it, failed both times they tried.”

The Wages of Trump Hatred. Victor Davis Hanson – “Hating Donald Trump in the hater’s eyes makes one moral. But in the real world, such pathological fixations usually result in abject immorality and moral decline.”

“Over the last five years, the pathology of Trump Derangement Syndrome has been widely described. It was more than a chronic disease and was often characterized by an array of rapidly advancing symptoms of deterioration in reasoning, emotional stability, and personal ethics.

Yet Another Big Lie Behind Biden’s $1.9 Trillion COVID Bill. I & I Editorial Board – “states across the country are reporting huge surpluses, thanks not only to previous federal COVID handouts (which totaled more than $400 billion) but because tax revenues are surging as the economy rapidly rebounds.”

New Hampshire Department of Justice Refuses to Investigate the Largest Voting Machine Counting Error in State History. Jim Hoft – The 3 a.m. van video has been dismissed as ‘normal business’ at an election counting center. Hoft provides more questions about another situation the requires yet more inventive dismissal and denial efforts.

Exposing Fact-Checker “Mistruths” on 2020 Election Lawsuits. Stu Cvrk – “fact-checking” has nothing to do with checking the facts, but rather is a tactic to discredit material that effectively undermines the Democrat-media narrative” … “Snopes is not alone in their leftwing bias. The same bias applies to the “fact-checkers” at Politifact, Facebook, Twitter, Washington Post, and other media-connected checkers and supposed ombudsmen. All are supposedly affiliated with the Poynter Institute for Media Studies’ International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), but they routinely and blatantly violate the number 1 principle of ICFN: a commitment to nonpartisanship and fairness. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

“The Democrat-media complex have been hard at work tamping down any outbreaks of truth about what transpired during the 2020 election. Leftwing fact-checkers are an important part of that full-court press and are purveyors of agit-prop. The AP article that fact-checked the Droz team’s 2020 election lawsuits spreadsheet is misleading at best and willful misdirection at worst. It can be ignored.

Why Math Is Racist. John Hinderaker – “This is actually a claim that is being made often these days: the sciences in general, and math in particular, are racist. The latest comes from Oregon:”

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