A National Disgrace. Just who is insane here?

Impeaching the Voters. Editorial of The New York Sun – “Just to mark the point, it’s not our intention here to assert that Mr. Trump is innocent. It’s only to mark the part of due process that requires that the burden rest entirely on the House. It is asking the Senate to bar a former president from public life until the end of his days. The fact is that the Democrats are scared of a Trump comeback, and the House made no secret of it.”

Briefly Noted: The National Disgrace Of Our Politics. Mark Wauck – “This new low in our political theater has been exacerbated by the introduction of a military occupation of our capital city into the mix of outrages to the body politic, along with the attempt to turn the the latest liberal boogey man–no less than the former president and the 75 million people who voted for him–into non-persons.” … “I would like to note two articles that strike the proper note or chord.”

It Sure Looks Like the House Impeachment Team Doctored Evidence. Bonchie – “The allegation stems from a tweet by Jennifer Lynn Lawrence which was used by Democrats to allege she was calling for an insurrection.”

Bad week for Democrats of all stripes. Monica Showalter – “What could be the meaning of this string of collapses for the Democrats with all of this bad news for them rolling out?” … “The bottom line about election 2020 is that it was won by fraud. And from fraud a lot of problems that would naturally go away simply come back bigger.”

After a slow start, Trump’s attorneys had a barn-burning impeachment closing. Andrea Widburg – “”

“He opened by pointing out that Democrats improperly sat on footage of events in the Capitol to blindside Trump’s defense team and deny him due process. From there, he moved to the fact that the Democrat House impeachment managers outright lied about their alleged evidence, whether it was faked tweets or manipulated video. As part of this lambasting the Democrats for dishonesty, Schoen played for them Trump’s entire statement about events in Charlottesville, which the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) twisted into the disgraceful, defamatory “fine people” hoax.

Schoen demonstrated that Democrats have lusted after impeachment since Trump’s inauguration. The next thing he showed is that Democrats actively promoted violence in the street and have frequently and openly expressed their desire to commit actual violence against Trump, his supporters, and America itself. Moreover, to the extent Trump used the word “fight,” he did so in a purely political sense, which is something that Democrats have done repeatedly over the years:

Trump Defense Team Just Destroyed One of the Most Persistent of Democrat Lies. Nick Arama – “one of the other things that the defense did was call out one of the House Democrats’ lies, a lie that Democrats have continued now for years, a lie that Joe Biden said was part of the very reason he ran. That was the “very fine people” lie.”

Hitler as a Military Strategist. Michael Evans – “The greatest victory of the German army,” the Israeli historian Omer Bartov wryly noted in 1991, “was won on the field of politics, where it managed to return from the most murderous military action in German history all but unscathed.”

Maximum Pain for Net-Zero Gain. Michael Green – “The new Net Zero Jobs report from the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) highlights the industries and electorates most at risk of job losses by the 2050 target year, making visible the tensions within and between the major parties on climate policy.”

Am I a Guinea Pig in an Evil Scientist’s Experiment? Don Boudreaux – “Some unseen scientist, likely evil, is studying what happens to human beings if a relatively small number of us experience reality in a completely different manner from how the majority of humanity experiences the same reality.” … “Is the unseen experimenter testing to see if, as a result of this powerful hallucinogen, I and my fellow guinea pigs will go insane?”

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