Abraham Lincoln’s 212th birthday. Pro Re Nata

Decades Before The Civil War, Lincoln Saw An Approaching Storm. Every American Should Read His Warning. Christopher Bedford – “Beyond their brutality, the young lawyer feared these mobs for the lawlessness they embodied — and the idle familiarity with which his fellow Americans seemed to accept these incidents.”

While the 1830s mobs “hang gamblers, or burn murders,” he cautioned, tomorrow’s mobs would hang and burn the innocent — “and thus it goes on, step by step, till all the walls erected for the defense of the persons and property of individuals, are trodden down, and disregarded.”

Yet today at The Washington Post, New York Times, and at the top of our government, the privileged and ignorant children of our country tell Americans our experiment is tainted, our Revolution was for evil, our Civil War was not enough. They demand reparations through re-education, racist quotas, kneeling subservience, and crude offerings of money. Neither the honored dead of the Revolution nor the lives of 300,000 Yankee boys lying stiff in Southern dust will appease them — they want more than the blood of our countrymen.

Did A Shadowy Anti-Trump ‘Cabal’ Help Sway 2020 Election Outcome? I & I Editorial Board – “it’s a shocking indictment of the cynicism and manipulation that the Democrats and their friends brought to bear on the 2020 presidential race.”

“The message is one of fear: Don’t disagree with us, or you’ll be deplatformed from social media or, worse, lose your job or an influential position. The Chamber of Commerce, unions and the “cabal” of others who took part in this effort politicized themselves, in effect serving as arms of the Democratic Party. Next time someone calls election fraud a “myth,” remind them of this.

Democrats Present ‘Doctored’ Video of Capitol Riot During Trump Impeachment Trial. Matt Margolis – “the video presented by the Democrats was not a straight video of Trump’s speech, but rather a collage of selectively edited clips of Trump’s speech mixed with select clips of video from the assault on the Capitol.” i.e. propaganda as a basis for a significant governance proceeding.

Democrats Caught Using Fake ‘Evidence’ At Impeachment Trial [via zerohedge]. Steve Watson via Summit News – “Cicilline then charged that Trump asked Tuberville to “make further objections” to Biden’s election vote count, while Senator Lee “stood by.” … It soon emerged that then entire claim was bullshit, when Senator Lee confirmed it never happened.” … “Earlier in the hearing, Rep. Eric Swalwell used a photoshopped tweet in an attempt to add extra weight to a post Trump re-tweeted about supporters ‘fighting’ for the country.”

‘People Died. It’s Tragic. But the How and Why Really Matter. A Lot.’: Matt Walsh Takes Apart ‘Deadly Riot’ Narrative. Mike Miller – “So of the five deaths linked to the riot,” Walsh tweeted, “only one — Babbit [sic] — can be conclusively considered a death caused by violence during the riot. As important, “the violence in this case was done by a cop.”

What we still don’t know about the Capitol riot. Tucker Carlson – “Where was the necessary security? How did the riot start? How did Officer Brian Sicknick die?”

Impeachment Betrays Democrat Distrust of Voters. David Catron – “Attorney Castor posed that question 40 minutes into his opening remarks on Tuesday: “Why is the majority of the House of Representatives afraid of the American people?” … “The Democrats simply don’t trust the electorate to make the “right choice” if Trump is on the ballot.”

American Police State: No Questions Allowed. J.B. Shurk – “When does a free state become a police state? Is it when government declares itself “essential” but religious worship “selfish”? Or when making a living becomes a crime? Or when free speech rights are afforded only to those who say “correct” things? Or maybe when tens of millions of Americans find themselves unexpectedly labeled as “domestic terrorists” by the military-media complex overnight?” … “The most dangerous thing to any police state is a person capable of thinking clearly.”

Months before a company lobbied the Legislature to create its own county, it purchased faraway water rights that could fuel future growth. Daniel Rothberg – “Near the edge of the Black Rock Desert, where thousands of visitors travel to the Burning Man Festival each fall, irrigation systems stand idle on a fallow field in February.”

Double-Mask Mania. The Committee to Unleash Prosperity – “The Centers for Disease Control finally recognized that the masks it’s had everyone wearing for the better part of a year are largely ineffective because aerosols easily go around the top and sides.” … “The “double-masking” fad is now arriving at a time when infections are down 58% nationally in the last month and many states have already vaccinated over 50% of seniors.”

As Things Stand with COVID. Jeffrey I. Barke – “we have reached a point where it is almost impossible to differentiate medical truth from medical fiction, health information from health misinformation.”

“Pro Re Nata — As Things Stand now — we need more, not less, debate and information from physicians so that the public, as well as patients, can make better informed decisions about the care of our citizens in this age of COVID-19.

The American Flight from Freedom and Mental Health. E. Jeffrey Ludwig – “This book is a call for a return to reason, common sense, decency, Jewish and Christian values, mental health, and truly liberal ideals based on ideas from many of the greatest thinkers from Plato to the present. The morbid turn of our society toward collective schizophrenia and mind control is made with no punches pulled.”

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