Follow the facts or follow the pied piper?

Thomas Sowell’s Politically Incorrect Legacy Is Built On ‘Following Facts Where They Lead’. The Federalist Staff – “the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his new documentary and book highlighting the life of economist, social theorist, and acclaimed intellectual Thomas Sowell and how his work affects American culture today.”

Dr. Sowell explains why the madness is succeeding. M. Dowling – “Dr. Sowell can’t believe things have gotten this bad. He could never have dreamed it would happen. Many of you probably agree.”

The World Goes On While America Sleeps. Victor Davis Hanson – “While we are busy devouring each other, China is smiling that once-feared American running-dog capitalists have become laughable Keystone Cops.” … “For the first time in memory, one party now removes committee members of the other.” … “the asymmetrical tit-for-tat continues.” … “few of our leaders are much worried about the existential crises left unaddressed by their obsessions with the ghost of Trump.”

“Our allies like democratic France warn America that it is cannibalizing itself—and becoming dangerous to others. Our enemies like the totalitarian Chinese are delighted with our suicidal wokeness.

Now That Elections Are Over Why Is Media Still Clinging To The Russiagate Scandal. valuewalk – “Even those of us who never were devotees of Seinfeld can recall some of the better lines from the comedian named Jerry. I always liked his bit on China’s continued resistance to the rise of the fork & knife more than a thousand years ago”

Reckless Rhetoric Is A Reckless Standard For An Impeachment Trial [via zerohedge]. Jonathan Turley – “The House managers may be playing into that very danger by selecting some managers who have been criticized in the past for their own over-heated political rhetoric.” … “The search for moral clarity will be lost if Americans cannot distinguish between the behavior of the accused and that of his jury.”

Democrats Present ‘Doctored’ Video of Capitol Riot During Trump Impeachment Trial. Matt Margolis – “the video presented by the Democrats was not a straight video of Trump’s speech, but rather a collage of selectively edited clips of Trump’s speech mixed with select clips of video from the assault on the Capitol.” … “Not once did the video they presented show President Trump telling his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically” make their votes heard.”

We’ve had the Reichstag fire – what’s next? Neo – “These developments are just another reminder that, brilliant as the Constitution is and brilliant as the men who devised it were, a constitution cannot rein in a people who have lost their virtue and who support a party that believes the ends justify the means. And the Founders knew that they could not protect us indefinitely from that.”

Donald Trump Is Now Under Criminal Investigation in Georgia. Bonchie – “This involves his phone call with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. … Go ahead and guess which county is pushing this.” … “Anyone that has listened to the phone call in question knows the list of charges above is an absolute joke.” Remember the Ukraine call?

What Happened to Officer Brian Sicknick? Julie Kelly – “No one should discount the idea that Democrats and the news media would intentionally promote a totally fabricated story to destroy Donald Trump and vilify his supporters.” … “Even though only one death—the shooting of Ashli Babbitt by a still-unidentified police officer—is provable by video evidence, the other fatalities nonetheless are accepted as an article of faith to stoke public outrage about what happened that day.”

The Strange House Democrat Impeachment Claim of an “Armed” Crowd. Daniel Greenfield – “These two references to an “armed crowd” are strange because no one has been accused of opening fire at the Capitol Riot. Even the worst actors seem to have resorted to using the usual rioter tools, sprays, poles, shields, and assorted objects that were weaponized, but were not weapons.” … “What are House Democrats talking about? As usual, no one seems to know or care. Not even them.”

Media Keeps Fear Alive. The Committee to Unleash Prosperity – “CNN, NYT, Wash Post are filled with daily blasts of dread about the new wave of the virus that will infect us all. Expect four to six more months of lockdowns, masks, school closures we are told.”

“Here’s the latest data: From their peaks about a month ago, cases are down 56%; positive percentage is down 51%; hospital census is down 35%; ICU census is down 28%; deaths are down 16%. Every region of the country is falling in every metric now, and sharply.

I Was Fine With Wearing A Mask Until Government Demanded I Wear Two. Tristan Justice – “There is no small portion of the population that now that just wants the government to tell them exactly what to do, the same government that shut down their neighbor’s businesses declaring their lives’ work non-essential.”

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