Animal farm farce: Gronk this if you can.

When Education Becomes (Literal) Indoctrination. Jazz Shaw – “This evolution of groupthink has been going on for quite some time now, but for the most part, it’s been an unofficial policy. But as columnist George Will points out in his latest essay, even that trend has begun to change.” … “The people of Illinois have the power to change course, but only if they are willing to face up to the current reality and stop electing the same crazed people year after year. If they refuse to do that, then they have unfortunately brought this sort of thing upon themselves.”

The 3 Worst Things About That Terrible Jeep Super Bowl Ad. Mollie Hemingway – “How could a major corporation not see how propagandistic it comes off to suggest that when Republicans win a national election, that’s divisive, but when Democrats win one, that’s unifying?”

Modus Or Media Operandi? CNN Runs Statement Of Anonymous “Senior Aide” Who Said Trump Loved Watching The Riot [via zerohedge]. Jonathan Turley – “The same pattern emerged in the first Trump trial. It is being described as the “smoking gun” evidence needed to secure conviction.”

Michele Bachmann rips ‘absolutely sick’ media coverage on riots, reveals she was locked in Capitol for 5 hours. Frieda Powers – “Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib joined other Democrats, led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, crying over the incident despite admitting she was not at the Capitol that day. Ocasio-Cortez had also shared a social media video in which she claimed she thought she was going to die when what turned out to be a Capitol Police Officer banged on her office door.”

Journalists, friends, history, and farce. Neo – “I have noticed a somewhat related phenomenon in my own life since January 6 and the intensification of the labeling of everyone on the right as evil conspiratorial insurrectionists.”

The House impeachment brief endangers freedom of speech. Alan Dershowitz – “Impeachment is not, as the House managers claim, “fundamentally an employment action.” It is an interference with democracy that can result in a small number of elected officials removing an elected president and denying the public the right to vote for him in a future election. To fail to understand this difference is to fail to understand the Constitution.”

A fascinating historical analogy for this faux impeachment. Mark Wauck – “we come to the historical analogy that Don Surber pointed out this morning. The full discussion is found in an article at Taki’s Magazine–“By What Lawful Authority?” The historical analogy is to the trial of King Charles I at the hands of an insurrectionary Parliament that was governed by fanatics who saw themselves as a law unto themselves.” … “For an historical analogy closer to our own time, I recommend Daniel Greefield’s provocative article: The Reichstag Fire of the Democrats.”

The Supreme Court Decision Vacating California’s Church Attendance Regulations Is Not a Victory and Should Terrify Us. Streiff – “The only correct answer here is that there is no “public health” exception to the First Amendment. There is certainly no circumstance in which First Amendment rights, particularly the Freedom of Religion, are regulated by a cadre of leftwing Karenwaffen operating under the guise of science.” … “What should terrify us is that only three justices thought the Freedom of Religion was of sufficient import to merit legal protection.”

Today’s Animal Farm. Neo – citing Victor David Hanson: “The point of the 1960s, again we were taught, was to tear down the rules, the traditions and customs, the hierarchies of the old guys.”

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