Can we put the banana republic ideas in cages, too?

While Selflessly Donating His $400,000 Annual Salary Over Four Years to Various Charities – President Trump Lost $2 Billion in Wealth Saving the Country. Joe Hoft – “President Trump went through four years of hell to save the country from the insane policies of the Obama Administration. He lost a billion dollars doing it.”

House Impeachment Brief Against Trump Threatens Freedom of Speech of All Americans: Dershowitz. Tom Ozimek – “The brief filed by the House managers advocating the conviction and disqualification of citizen Donald Trump contains a frontal attack on freedom of speech for all Americans,” Dershowitz wrote. “It states categorically that ‘the First Amendment does not apply at all to impeachment proceedings,’ despite the express language of that amendment prohibiting Congress from making any law, or presumably taking any other action, that abridges ‘the freedom of speech.’”

Biden’s Banana Republic. I & I Editorial Board – “Odd, isn’t it, that the same people who claim to be so interested in truth and reality today for four years couldn’t stop talking about how the Russians put Donald Trump in the White House? Maybe they’re engrossed only with their version of the truth – their own fantasies and efforts to indoctrinate an entire population.”

“A country and a culture are in trouble when those in authority allow only one voice to be heard, when they decide what is acceptable speech and what isn’t, when the controversial and the unpopular are treated as crimes to be punished. Biden hasn’t bitten – yet – on a reality czar or ministry of truth. But under his administration, this country is shaping up as a banana republic. Think about:

Biden brings back kids in cages. Monica Showalter – “How’s this for buried news?” … “now the cages are back, now that Biden has dismantled President Trump’s humane ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy”

North Carolina’s lt. governor shows how to fight back against a corrupt media. Andrea Widburg – “To get a sense of the man, I recommend that you take the four minutes to watch his defense of the Second Amendment in the face of the Greensboro city council’s plan to ban gun shows from coming to the city. It’s epic:”

Science Betrayed. Shepard Barbash – “The propaganda infecting K–12 science curricula, especially on the environment, won’t go away.” … “to anatomize the decades of distortion in environmental education is a sideshow to an older, bigger problem: the refusal or inability of teachers to adopt scientifically proven methods to teach anything. Compared with medicine or engineering, teaching remains a backward field, dominated by myths and misconceptions.” … “When the scientists whom teachers depend on are not scientists but advocates, we can expect teachers to become advocates as well.”

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