what standard is he using?

Conservatives Should Stop Trying To Justify Impeaching Trump. John Daniel Davidson – “Holding Trump accountable for the actions of a handful of rioters is deeply misguided, and conservatives should know better than to support it.” … “So when McLaughlin says Trump is responsible for inciting the Capitol riot, what standard is he using?”

The Conservative Purge Isn’t Over, It’s Just Getting Cranked Up. I & I Editorial Board – “The left wants to wipe the right from the political map as quickly and effectively as possible.”

“If this were an effort to root out the few authentic domestic terrorists no matter what their political alignment, from the dwindling number of real white supremacists to the Democrats’ Antifa street soldiers, we could get behind it. But everyone knows what few are saying: The party in power has sold out to eliminating the party out of power.
They know none of their claims are true, but will keep repeating them to perpetuate the narrative that Trump, his 74 million voters, and all those who won’t denounce him are insurrectionists who have to be put down.
Does this remind anyone of the American ideals of pluralism, freedom of thought, and dissent? No, it far better describes what happens in other nations when authoritarians seize political power.

Supreme Court Dismisses Suits Over Trump Finances. Tyler Durden – “ a pair of lawsuits accusing former President Trump of illegally profiting from his presidency, after several foreign and state government officials patronized his properties” … “The cases were dismissed after both sides agreed that the disputes had become legally moot after Trump’s term in office ended on January 20th.” … “Meanwhile, Trump’s post-presidency legal woes appear to be ramping up”

You Know There Was Industrial-Scale Election Fraud. What Can Be Done? Jay Valentine – “Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes, and certainly do not believe the scores of fellow citizens who, under oath, signed affidavits and testified about the fraud those lying eyes witnessed.”

“Fraud is an ugly thing, even when it happens to someone else. When it happens to you, or at least to the guy you were voting for, even if you did not like his tweets, it is a bit more personal.

Trump Impeachment DOA in Senate. David Catron – “He will be neither convicted nor barred from holding public office.” … “The Democratic leadership of the Senate doesn’t seem to have considered the jurisdiction issue any more than the Democrats in the House bothered with due process during their obscenely precipitous impeachment charade.”

The Funhouse Mirror of Democrat Impeachment Theater. John Ourednik – “Because there was no hope of removal in either impeachment it begs the question if the dual impeachment of Trump was wholly politically motivated virtue signaling. Democrats should worry about the precedent of this second impeachment.”

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