definition of propaganda

I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then. Andrew W. Coy – “The good old days of just five short years ago sure do make us nostalgic for Mayberry. Trouble is, we now must decide, how are we to respond with what we now know.”

With Impeachment, Congress Trying to Overturn Future Elections. Charles Hurt – “Truly, these are the most fundamentally dishonest and unserious people ever to hold elected office. They are a mockery of self-governance and precisely why Mr. Trump got elected in the first place.”

A Majority of Americans Believe the Media Is Dishonest in the Way It Covers Politics. Shipwreckedcrew – “Note the extreme nature of the language used in the statement to which respondents were being asked to agree or disagree with — “purposely trying to mislead” and “false or gross exaggerations.” … “Let that sink in — more than half the country believes the media is spreading propaganda under the guise of “informing” the public as part of its self-anointed mission.”

Biden, the Bishops, and the New Face of Catholicism. Monica Migliorino Miller – “I am referring to the fact that while Biden professes the Catholic faith, he fully supports legalized abortion, same-sex “marriage” and transgenderism, and vowed that he will do all he can to advance these causes during his administration.”

“Biden’s election has brought the Church in America to a special moment—and it is a moment that the leaders of the Church must not avoid confronting. If we are to hope that the truth will ever be spoken—that those who facilitate the killing of the innocent and receive the Eucharist sin against the Body and Blood of Christ—then only two things are necessary. First, the bishops must have the conviction that something needs to be done. And second, they must have the fortitude to do it. Biden’s presidency will deeply burden the efforts of the pro-life movement. The future promises to be dark, but this darkness will be quite bleak if Biden is permitted to define the New Catholicism. If there ever was a need for the prophetic voice of the Church, it is now.

Biden Can’t Snuff Out the Truth of America’s Past. Tyler O’neil – “The 1776 Commission is history, but its members will continue to fight the noxious narratives about America’s past.”

Liberalism in Peril. Don Boudreaux – “Liberalism is today on the ropes – perilously so. It is not simply in disfavor. Liberalism is regarded as being worse than retrograde; it is regarded as evil. And we liberals are regarded as being beneath contempt – perhaps even as subhuman. The cause of liberalism – which is to say, the cause of the open society and of civilization itself – is today in serious peril. We liberals have our work cut out for us.” (conclusion after citing Walter Grinder)

Here We Go – 10 Executive Orders To Federally Weaponize COVID Against Us. Sundance – “One of the bigger issues never fully grasped by many Americans was President Donald Trump’s restraint in relation to the power of the federal government under the guise of COVID-19 action. No president in our lifetime was ever more reluctant to weaponize the opportunity to expand government; Donald Trump stood the gap.”

The Biden Administration’s Mistreatment of the National Guard Just Got Much Worse. Bonchie – “I’m trying to imagine a situation in which President Trump demanded the National Guard be deployed to the Capitol, made them sleep outside after he was done using them for a photo op, and then hundreds of them tested positive and/or are quarantining from COVID because of how bad the planning was.”

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