Ron Paul ad seems to be missing something

A radio ad for Ron Paul takes up the issue of the Nuclear Dump. He says it is a “scheme” and unconstitutional because Nevada should be able to determine what happens in Nevada.

The problem is that the federal government owns most of the land in Nevada. Shouldn’t the owner of the land be the one to determine how to use it?

Generally, Ron Paul takes up the libertarian view. That view would indeed put the owner of the land in control of what he owns above the state. In this particular issue, the advocacy seems pandering towards those who see the federal government as a villain. That tends to discredit the philosophical underpinning of the campaign.

A more credible approach here would be to identify those criteria where the state should to trump the rights of individual property owners. What are the limits to what you can do with your property and when can the state tell you otherwise?

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